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New ISP recommendations
Brisbane, Queensland
6067 posts
Previously stuck on a Telstra only rim.
I've just bought a house in Park Ridge South now looking to get Internets.
Whirlpool tells me I'll be on the Park Ridge exchange cable length of 2.7kms adsl2+

Not interested in a phone so naked will be suitable if available.
I'm after 500gig ish

Iinet tpg?
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Brisbane, Queensland
5247 posts
I would recommend iiNet over TPG. iiNet also have alot of cool unmetered sites including all of Steam, Xbox live and iTunes i believe.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34663 posts
cant get cable? if so, get it.
if not, iinet. (or maybe tpg)
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Brisbane, Queensland
10406 posts
i thought you had a new home at karalee?
why did you move?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3810 posts
just curious why all the obsession over adsl? I don't have cable cause I can't get it where I live but otherwise I remember getting awesome download speeds and very stable connection. you can get 100mbit cable now, it's a no brainer!
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Melbourne, Victoria
8329 posts
If you can get naked then iiNet. I had it before and it was awesome, unfortunately at new house wasn't able to get it so ended up with BigPond (who actually aren't that bad).
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Brisbane, Queensland
523 posts
Happy with TPG Unlimited for 60 a month. Its a real benefit not having the cap in the back of your mind whenver you go to download something.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6068 posts
I miss cable but unavailable here :-(

Still got the Karalee place mate moved into this one as it's 20 minutes from work as opposed to an hour.
My mums living in the Karalee place.

Every time I go back to Telstra they find some way to make life difficult so not going back there.

I'm gonna ring Iinet now haven't been with them for 5 years.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7632 posts

You're going to be unhappy, because Telstra are the only company with their gear in Park Ridge exchange.

The main problem I can see is... You can't buy Naked ADSL2+ from Telstra and I don't think they Resell ADSL2+ without a full service phone connection.

Internode Resell Telstra ADSL2+ with their Easy Reach product. You need to have full service home phone, either with Internode or with someone else... I will give the prices that include home phone via Internode.

15GB = $70
60GB = $80
150GB = $100
300GB = $120

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Brisbane, Queensland
10545 posts
Yeah Telstra are nothing but f***wits. I thought TPG's customer service was bad, then I got Telstra. F*****g hell! I made 5 complaints in my first 2 weeks. Everything they tell you is a lie. In one phone call you can get three completely different made-up stories. I've had their ADSL for 2 months, and if I log in to the bigpond site it still says "Your order will be ready in October" or some s***, no usage stats, absolutely nothing.
So pathetic, but they have the monopoly in the area where I live. Everyone must have telstra, for EVERYTHING, home phone, internet, mobile, f*****g everything. As to whether they provide any service or bother hooking your s*** up depends what mood the angsty 16 year old surfer f***wit that answers the phones is in. Surely there is something horribly illegal about this.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8330 posts
I'd have to disagree - my experience with Bigpond has been awesome. I've had my line investigated and fixed (was in my house too, previous owners rigged up some spaghetti of connectoins - wasn't charged to get this fixed) because of a low sync, quotes reset after a miscalculation of ISO downloads, brilliant uptime (once line was fixed), etc.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6069 posts
Thanks mongie, I have come to realise that as it would seem Telstra are the cheapest lol
03:19pm 05/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7633 posts
I'm with Telstra - albeit for Cable, and I love it. Fast and reliable.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3645 posts
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Sydney, New South Wales
3548 posts
I'm with Telstra - albeit for Cable, and I love it. Fast and reliable.

yeah, telstra cable if you can get it > the rest.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9785 posts
congrats on the house dude =)

sorry about your hookup eh.. isn't it law now that all new housing Devs be laid down via fiber instead of the old copper systems?

I'm not that familiar with your new area. Sorry I can't say more atm feky.

// spook said something about PMs;
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I live at Park Ridge South and am with Dodo unlimited ADSL2+ for $69. Cable length is 1.8km from the exchange and I get
11Mbps(1.3MB/s) download and 0.8Mbps(100KB/s) upload. That is the maximum Attainable Line Rate out here in the sticks
on my Telstra phone line.

I have never had a problem with Dodo either.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2209 posts
Park ridge has some of the worst phone lines around. Everytime it rains expect problems. I put this down to most houses out there are a fair distance from the road. No cable out there either.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6070 posts
Thanks guys,

I found Spintel with similar pricing to Dodo but if you're happy with Dodo I'll signup with them :)
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