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Cinnamon Toast
Brisbane, Queensland
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So I'm wanting to find a product that I don't know whether it exists or not
Cinnamon toast, like fruit toast but without the fruit
Same sort of stuff that hot cross buns are made out of
Does anyone know if such a thing exists and is available for purchase?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Make it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15509 posts
This has less fruit

Just buy a container of Cinnamon and Vanillin from the spices section of the supermarket. Use more Vanillin though, heaps more.

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Brisbane, Queensland
6999 posts
get a leak-free plastic bag, add 2 tablespoons of fine white sugar & one tablespoon of cinnamon.
toast the bread, butter both sides, cut into strips & throw in the plastic bag with the sugar & cinnamon & shake it.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1303 posts
Take plain white bread and put it in the toaster.
When 'cooked' to one's preferred level of brown/blackness spread marg or butter.
Then, sprinkle 'cinnamon sugar' to a layered thickness of one's own choosing.

SURE it's not exactly what you're asking for; it's only what every other cafe' sells.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9096 posts
buy a bread maker and make it urself
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Grow the wheat and mill the flower and make the bread yourself by hand
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Insert Farm Simulator Skrillex mix video here
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Moms old French Toast:
totally unhealthy but it tasted awesome.

old bread
bowl of Full Cream Milk
frypan with butter

dip bread in milk
fry in butter till toasty
sprinkle with Sugar.

Havent had that for years, i miss it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Moms old French Toast:
totally unhealthy but it tasted awesome.

On a related note, the recipe for Sizzler's cheese bread:

1 cup of Parmesan Cheese.
3 cups of Butter.

Mix until evenly distributed.
Heat a frying pan to a very high heat.

Spread thickly on to a thick slice of toast.

Place the cheese bread butter side down in to the searing hot frying pan, and press down briefly,but not so hard that you squash the bread - just so all the butter is cooked. Remove after 5-15 seconds, depending on how crispy you want it.
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