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Far Cry 3 Trailer Walks Through Some Open World Features
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Brisbane, Queensland
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As it's release date draws ever-closer, Ubisoft has kicked off a new trailer series for Far Cry 3, offering a developer-narrated walkthrough of many of the game's unique features.

Episode 1 features Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay, talking us through some of the tactics your can use and environments and encounters you can expect as you make your way around the tropic Rook Islands.

Watch the clip below, or click here for the HD option.

Far Cry 3 is due in Australia on November 29th 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Anyone else pretty keen on this?
03:46pm 19/11/12 Permalink
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I have my copy ordered.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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that looks f**n sweeet :D
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I think i've played it 3x over after watching all the dev diaries and trailers
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Brisbane, Queensland
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F*****g psyched for MP. CD Keys are <$30 and the gameplay vids so far look awesome. Once i see what people saw about the PC release ill consider buying. MoH:W is great fun but sucks when your fireteam buddy is useless. PM me if you have MoH:W please.
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Looks to be another great first person game for the Christmas holiday season. Had my copy preorder for a while now. Looks like a blast
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Out of interest what is the point of pre-ordering when you can get it on steam? Also it looks rad, could be time to pony up some cash for an upgrade.
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Out of interest what is the point of pre-ordering when you can get it on steam? Also it looks rad, could be time to pony up some cash for an upgrade.

I preordered the "Insane Edition" from the UK. So not only am I getting a special edition cheaper than the base game on steam but I get the physical bonuses as well.
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