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Black Ops 2 - Only $47
Brisbane, Queensland
3155 posts
Just another FYI. Cheapest key ive found so far, only $47 compared to $55+ on other sites. Never used this site before.


Use code "cdkeyprices" for an extra 2% discount bringing total to $47.03

Have the multplayer issues been sorted out yet on PC?

Just watched this. Pretty much convinced me to purchase:
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1896 posts
Played before & they seem back to normal. I like black ops 2, sure it's old tech etc but its still very responsive, fast & the future tech is cool. Just need my 90 fov back so i dont feel so 'zoomed' in when playing
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Brisbane, Queensland
3156 posts
Decided to get MOH:Warfighter for $25 as im interested to try the buddy system. Anybody play it often that i can add to friends list in origin? Still trying to decide on BLOPS2. Not too happy about the rip off DLCs im sure arent far away. Hope MOH:W is popular online.
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Brisbane, Queensland
680 posts
MOH is meant to be pretty bad. At least the MP is ranked higher than the SP but still think it will be dead in short order. =(

Games that still have their base in the old quake engines are always great for the feel of the controls, Carmack did a good job with that. I always found UT to feel laggy for controls.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1852 posts
Gotta say I'm loving the game atm, the perks system etc is f*****g cool and the mp is the best imo since mw/mw2.
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Just watched this. Pretty much convinced me to purchase

Pretty much convinced me not to tbh... so many bulls*** kills in that video where his sights aren't even on an enemy but still scores a kill. That kind of thing killed COD for me since MW2.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20914 posts
"headsets are expensive and console users can't afford them"

haha what? this guy's a knob. if console users can afford the yearly subscription fee + monthly isp fee, they can afford $30 for a pair of headphones. I used to use a pair of $30 ones I got from d*** smith, they were awesome for CoD and BF.
Pretty much convinced me not to tbh... so many bulls*** kills in that video where his sights aren't even on an enemy but still scores a kill. That kind of thing killed COD for me since MW2.

yeah, isn't blops2 peer to peer again or something? no more dedicated servers?

"if you can't get a kill with a full clip there's no nope for you"

what? I've seen people take 3 50 cal shots and still be walking in noobcore servers. you can easily survive an entire clip in previous versions of cod.

nah, I can't watch this video any more. he's too boring and drones on and on and on and on about the same crap. Game looks like something I'd enjoy, maybe, but after mw2 & 3, I'm done with CoD.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3157 posts
I had f***loads of hours in COD4+5 but steam says 25hrs MW2, 30BLOPS1 and i didnt get MW3. The lag issue is my biggest concern as MW2 was unplayable at times and the guy in the vid did mention issues with BLOPS2. I checked his vids on MOH:W and liked what i saw. I certainly dont think it will be more popular than COD but it was only $22 so half price compared to BLOPS2 and i really like the buddy system idea if it works. I also thoroughly enjoyed the last MOH MP so i hope they dont change too much for this new version. Got it DLed and will hopefully try later on today.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20916 posts
I had f***loads of hours in COD4+5

from my xfire page: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer 1,308hrs
I've played way more but there was a time when xfire would make punkbuster kick me so for a year maybe, I didn't run xfire.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3158 posts
MOH:W so far, goddam. Freezing during MP map changes, freezes during startup intro vids, cant change fireteam buddies during game (as somebody previously mentioned). Only 2 games so far and they were good but a whole lotta hate.
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Can't find any games today, starting to give me the s****.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3169 posts
Finally got a good game of MOH:W in. I closed steam and didnt get any crashes/freezing for approx 2 hours which was awesome. Server browser sucks and i swear i was playing with asians (heard them during all talk mic chat between matches) .
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Central Coast, New South Wales
400 posts
To those asking about MP issues, I had a bunch the first few days, but it seems to be working fine so far.

The games seem to be hosted on dedicated servers, despite having matchmaking.

The biggest downside I can really come up with for the game so far is balance. SMG + laser sight = no need to aim, just spray.

Hopefully, they'll nerf them down to being bearable, but it's cod. Spraying has pretty much always beat ADS since MW2.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
242 posts
I've bought this game like 5 times already...
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Brisbane, Queensland
3176 posts
Well COD4 11.30 - 2.30. Awesome fun. Even got banned from a free-for-all HC server.
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