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recommend me; knife set
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So I am looking for a decent set of kitchen knives. Any suggestions? I have been eyeing off some nice Japanese knives on eBay. Wondering what you use right now and if you have seen any that you would really like?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I use Global Knives; they're good.
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I had cheap ikdea chinese crap that couldnt even cut a tomato in the end :( Bought one japanese made knife and its silly how much safer and awesome it is. German style knives with those grooves on the sides can be good to cut vegies so the slices dont stick to the knife but the steel can be a bit softer that.

So long story short generally you won't need any other knife in a kitchen than a Santoku style one. (im no chef but do like cooking and cutting s*** up is important to do safely and neatly)
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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go find the local butcher in your area (yeah I know they're dying out)

buy at least $40 bucks worth of meat and then ask him... he'll prolly keep you glued to the spot for a good hour or so if you'll listen to what he has to say eh
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Sydney, New South Wales
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+1 Global

Also Mundial
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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no you hang up
Brisbane, Queensland
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Bismarck are a good german brand. Solid knives.
For filleting and finer cuts, you cant go past Kostur. Japanese stain free high carbon.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Great collections at a good price at Harris-Scarfe at Chermside.
Theres also a good Knife store at Chermside just down from Coles.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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yes, drop 300 dollars on a global set, and decent sharpener (maybe a 300/1000 grit whetstone - oil or otherwise, we have a water one) in that price, and as long as you spend the time sharpening them every few weeks... or before every use with that sword thingy (i forget the name).

here's some mothery women to show you how it's done.

so in summary

+1 global.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Voted global
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Brisbane, Queensland
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whenever i see people 'discuss' knives on the internet, i see you all as dwights
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I bought a set of Furi knives about 8 years ago. They're a soft steel so they need sharpening fairly regularly, but they're beautiful knives and we use them almost daily. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

As long as you use the sharpening device that comes with them, they're awesome. Otherwise, Zwilling J.A. Henckels are outstanding as are the Shun and Sakura knives from Japan.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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^ this link above - looks the goods, I need advice on blade material types and how often to be sharpened, what's a better blade one that doesn't have to be sharpened as much or one that is sharpened before each use?

What do you use to cut on, Wood? Plastic? Glass(not any more!)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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These knives are just pieces of metal. No bulls***, other than the cool man they go into. Available everywhere, but cheaper online. Piss easy to sharpen and clean.

Also a bunch of these scanpan ones to eat steak:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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In my opinion you only need 3 kindes of knives:

A tradition chefs knife - you know the stock standard thing you use to cut tomatos and people.
A Cleaver - I love em, for ages that is all I used for everything, including deboning meat! They can be used to cut, shred, pound and crush your food into submission.
A breadknife - or any sort of serrated knife. Good for bread and everything else like pumpkin.

Optional knife is a filet/deboning knife only if you enjoy buying whole chickens because you are too poor/cheap to pay double for prepared meat.

Everything else is useless because you're not a pro and you will never know the proper use for them.
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Yeah it's been over 15 years since i've done my cheffing, so i'm out of the game for a while, Just want the traditional French/Kitchen knife really until I get back into.

I really want to get into some Sushi making etc
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Brisbane, Queensland
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F***. I didn't know you were a chef, sorry for being condescending. Kinda glad you kinda agree with me, kinda.
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Cairns, Queensland
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F***. I didn't know you were a chef, sorry for being condescending.

Had to happen eventually greazy! :p
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Perth, Western Australia
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Wusthof knives are amazing. I've got the cleaver and well... god it's good!

Will be replacing my Global knives with a Wusthof set.

Quite heavy so might not float everyone's boat.
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No sorry you were right, My skill sets are exhausted and way out of date, its been 15 years SINCE i've done it lol!
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Don't buy a knife set!! just buy two or three knives and get exactly what you want. I wouldn't bother too much with the expensive stuff, just get a good steel and get it sharpened every 6 months.

The Victorinox knives are very servicable and cheap -

but if you want to spend a bit more Global are great, or spend even more and get a MAC.

I'd get the 10" Chef's knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife. Next time you're near a chinese market get a cheap cleaver as well. Try and get synthetic handles over wood ... easier maintenance ( wood you shouldn't put through dishwasher, and should oil it every once and a while ).

I'm also partial to the big slicing knives ( often called a ham slicing knife ) perfect for carving roasts ... and surprisingly also very good for filleting fish.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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fairly average first post
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I've got the cleaver and well... god it's good!

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Having worked in kitchens its kind of hard to understand why people ever want to buy sets of knives, unless you plan to butcher your own carcasses or fillet fish there is no point. All you need is a cheffy knife (big or medium depending on your skills), paring and maybe bread.

Global are good and light, germans are good and heavy and japs are psychotically sharp but expensive. Victorinox gets a mention for being by far the best cheap knives.

The best knife you can buy for a reasonable price (ie. a lot but not 400 bux a lot) is a kasumi IMO. Japanese, Damascus and resilient. I have a kasumi chefs knife that is two-three years old now, half and half home and work and I have never sharpened it, just honed, and it is still too sharp for cheap chopping borards, cutting into them and dragging.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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