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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 35% off = ~$17
Brisbane, Queensland
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Just a heads up about this deal ending in approx 24 hours.

Use "GMG35-5BRU6-ZDRX7" @
to get 35% off and pay ~$17, cheaper than $20 from key sites or $25 full price. Once purchased, you get a steam key to enter and DL from steam. ~3gb download for the game.

I tried a torrent of this just before to check out visuals, gameplay and was impressed. Ive heard good things from a few AG members and figured its probably better to play now while its newer and i assume more popular than wait til xmas steam sale.
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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Yes, you should get it, though I just saw that you had, though you abandoned the game :P. Best multiplayer game since BF and CS, it's incredibly destructive to productivity.
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So keen for the next big patch, hopefully coming out soon. New weapons and what not. Wewt
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Just saw the good game review where they said they preferred WotR but admitted there were pros and cons to each game.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Wanted to play it but didn't want to pay full price. For $16 i'll snap it up. Now for funnies

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Brisbane, Queensland
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i'm addicted to this game now...
best game since CS IMO, a little glitchy but totally worth it.
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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The game just got a 1 gig patch, though when I went to their site to find the patch notes this was all that I saw. ;)

edit: Also -

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I caved and bought this last night.
It is damn fun!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Release Patch 1 Changelist.
- Players have different colors.
- No longer uses the wave spawning found in other game modes.

Team Deathmatch
- A team always has 80 resources regardless of the number of players in the game.

User Interface
- Steam friend HUD markers.
- New ranged weapon crosshair.
- Added options to vote kick, mute, mute all, admin kick, admin ban, and admin mute from scoreboard (once you enable the mouse).
Server Browser
- Sort working better (more responsive and no crashes)
- Right Click Menu Implemented (Connect, Refresh, View Server Info, Add to favorites)
- Detailed Server Info Window (shows the following)
- Server Name
- Server IP
- Player List (with score + time played)
- Player Count
- Friendly Fire %
- Game Speed %
- Talk Option
- Gamoe Mode
- Map
- Country Code
- Server browser selected option is retained as new servers come in.
- Added game speed and country filters
- Added indicators for private and secure servers.
- Filter options hidden by default, shown when you click a button.
- VAC Secure filter improved.
- Added notification for when the server browser is still looking for servers.
- Manual VO menus redone (Z and X for menus, mobile battlecry shifted back to C for when you are sprinting).
- Improved VOIP indication.
- Added cancel button when waiting to join a game.
Keybind Menu
- Allow different commands to be bound to the same key
- Allow a primary kebyind/secondary kebyind on keybinds menu
- Fixed bug where some buttons would cause you to go back in the menu and prevent you from saving (i.e Numpad buttons)

- Updated jump blend for spear and 1-handed weapons
- Updated jump animations for buckler, fist, longbow, heat-shield, double axe, javelin, and longsword.
- Javelin throw changed to be a full body animation.
- Hit animation no longer plays during release.

- Added a delay to forward spawn.
- Burning turns off HP regeneration.
- Firepots destroy pavises caught in the burn radius.
- Autobalance changed to be a LIFO system.
- Autobalance no longer happens in the last two minutes.
- F10 now has a 5 second delay.
- Jump and dodge now have a 0.2 second cooldown.
- Feinting takes actual time (when you feint it'll take some time before you reach the idle state again and can swing again).
- Can no longer kick and jump simultaneously.
- Defender spawn increased by 3 seconds (should help on BG cart, HS Treb 3 and Stoneshill king objectives).
- Kicking no longer takes an additional miss penalty.
- Missing with 2-handed weapons costs 20 stamina instead of 10.
- Flinch if hit in idle.
- Throwing a javelin stops your sprint.

- New arrow camera sounds.
- Beefed up bow sounds.
- Added new and separate reload sounds for the three bow types.
- Fist blocking sounds.

- Added 51 achievements.
- Veteran Helmets.
- Water now causes ragdolls to float.
- Improved rank calculation.
- Removed unnecesary requirements/libaries the game depended on.
- Added option in input menu to disable chat
- Improved placement of sticky projectiles.

Default Control Changes
- Can additionally feint with Mouse 2 (right click)
- G for VOIP.
- Mouse 2 will zoom in on ranged weapons besides the crossbow.
- Crossbow mouse 1 or 2 to aim.
- Crossbow Q goes from Aim to idle.
- Crossbow fire/zoom when unloaded in aim-up goes back to idle.

Server Operator Options
- Allowed to adjust TDM tickets
- Allowed to adjust # of LTS rounds.
- Allowed to adjust FFA max score.
- Server side option to not allow fists.
- Added a separate death-based autobalance that can be enabled by server operators (first person to die on the team gets switched).

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue where sometimes UDK.exe would not close properly.
- Fixed issue where weather particles would be rotated weird.
- Fixed issue where max players would get reset over a map change when game ends (when using ?maxplayers).
- Fixed issue where ballista could fire two bolts.
- Fixed issue where you would regen health when sprinting
- Fixed the "Jack Baldy exploit" [enabling/disabling sprint super fast]
- Fixed issue where the javelin had a super slow reload.
- Default to windowed mode to avoid invalid-resolution issues.
- Fixed issue where switching weapons would break some weapons.
- Fixed sisue with javelin getting stuck.
- Fixed pawn shrinking on siege weapon.
- Fixed arms going weird when getting off ballista
- Fixed issue where Mason Kite Shield showing up as an Agathian shield on a player's back.
- Fixed issue where the signal fire would start after being extinguished.
- Fixed issue where players would be kicked off their current server when Steam has a temporary issue.
- Fixed issue where firepot would not disappear off your screen sometimes.
- Fixed faulty message telling players to 'Press' instead of 'Hold' the signal fire.
- Fixed issue where you could extinguish the signal fire when you don't have to.
- Fixed issue where the siege weapon would not display the team properly in the kill indicator.
- Fixed issue where throwing the javelin would display a shield instead of the javelin kill indicator and would not count towards javelin unlocks.
- Fixed issue where decapitated and head crushed players are making death cry and death gurgle sounds.
- Fixed issue where team kills would count towards weapon unlocks.
- Fixed issue where your attacks would not properly perform tracers once you exit a siege weapon.
- Fixed weird animation bug where combo would appear on other side at tiems.
- Fixed issues surrounding the king objective.
- Fixed issue where fire particle on pyre does not always play and where Stoneshill and Battlegrounds burnables were not being consistently hit.
- Fixed an issue where man-at-arms did a tpose when killed while dodging.
- Fixed an issue where having a dagger with a shield caused players to tpose when flinched.
- Fixed issue where hitting an object and being deflected wasn't displaying for other players in the game.
- Fixed issue where javelin overhead would behave like a shove instead of using tracers.
- Fixed issue with javelin rapid-fire.
- Fixed issue where torch would try to switch back to primary even if the primary weapon is out of ammo.
- Fixed issue where shield would be attached on death.

Crash Fixes
- Disabled MLAA in the defaul system settings which was causing some people to crash (i.e Geforce 7000 series)
- Fixed crashes related to world cleanup.

Release Patch 1 Balance Changes
Note: This list may not be comprehensive and some changes may have slipped through. We are working on improving the process by which we note balance changes, thanks for your patience.
- All 2-handed weapons have their feint time set to 0.2 seconds (slash and overhead)
- All 1-handed weapons have their feint time set to 0.3 seconds (slash and overhead)
- All stab attacks have their feint time set to 0.4 seconds
- Dazed length changed from 0.9 to 1.1 seconds for all weapons

- Stab windup increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.45 seconds
- Slash damage increased from 50 55
- Overhead damaged increased from 60 65
- Stab damage decreased from 65 to 55
- Slash and overhead windup set to 0.35

State Length
- Draw increased from 0.7 seconds to 1.2 seconds
Bodkin Arrow
- Speed increase from 5500 to 6500.
- Ammo count decreased from 30 to 25.
Broadhead Arrow
- Speed increase from 5500 to 6500.

State Length
- Draw increased from 0.9 seconds to 1.4 seconds
Warbow Bodkin ammo decreased to 20
Warbow Broadhead ammo decreased to 20

State Length
- Draw increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.9 seconds

Crossbow bolt speed increased from 5500 to 7500

Light Crossbow
Light Crossbow bolt speed increased from 5500 to 6500
Light Crossbow ammo increased to 20

Heavy Crossbow
Heavy Crossbow bolt speed increased from 6000 to 8500

- Ammo count decreased from 7 to 5
- Throw windup set to 0.4 seconds
- slowed to 70% movement speed during reload

Short Spear
- Ammo count decreased from 8 to 6
- Throw windup set to 0.4 seconds
- slowed to 70% movement speed during reload

Heavy Javelin
- Ammo count decreased from 6 to 4
- Throw windup set to 0.5 seconds
- slowed to 60% movement speed during reload

Sword of War 1-Hand
- Stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5 seconds
- Decreased stab damage from 70 to 60

Longsword 1-Hand
- Stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5 seconds

Double Axe
- Decreased overhead windup from 0.6 to 0.5 seconds

- Stab damage increased to 60

- Stab damage increased to 60

- Stab damage increased to 58

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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
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They made Archers better??

- Manual VO menus redone (Z and X for menus, mobile battlecry shifted back to C for when you are sprinting).
- Improved VOIP indication.

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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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So long as I can still AAaaggaathaaaaaaa with ease.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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No they nerfed Archers hard.

Look at the Draw time. It has almost been doubled for all archers. So now you should see about half the amount of arrows you did before. They do travel faster, most of the archers in the game have no idea and stand wayyyy back and miss way too often so don't worry about it.
Perhaps worry about an increase in Javelin throwers, as the close range bow is less effective now, so might as well use the fixed javelins...

Those of us who use archers at very close range will make it a bit easier, except we can only get off half the shots.

I had a quick bash in a Duel server this morning. The battles play out similar except for one beautiful thing:

- Flinch if hit in idle.

For us faster players, I tended to land hits whilst they were idle then the 2hnder would windup and hit before I could get back to ready. Now that they get flinched this doesn't happen. It gives the fast 1 handed weapons the advantage they should have always had.
O and Norse Sword stab is still good :) Now the overhead and slash is even better the sword overall is better (and it was OP to begin with ehehhe).

MAA will perhaps increase in number too. Yay.
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