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Crysis 3 Single-Player Gameplay Preview Opens up The Fields
Brisbane, Queensland
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Crytek has revealed a new trailer depicting the open fields of their upcoming FPS Crysis 3, showcasing the beautiful side of the destroyed New York City. The video shows off some detailed gameplay for the single-player portion of the game, complete with nanosuit action.
On their way to meet up with the rebels, Michael "Psycho" Skykes and Prophet make their way into the liberty dome of NYC and fight opposing cell forces in the lush fields of the MTA West Side storage yard.

The unnatural power of the Nanodome has transformed the train yards of New York City into a grassland teeming with wild vegetation & opposing CELL artillery. Prophet and Psycho must venture through the heavily guarded Field to meet up with the rebel insurgency. Prophet's use of the Nanosuit and alien weapons will be critical to to get through the sandbox of the Fields level -- but how will you choose to play Crysis 3?
You can check out the full video below, but it's definitely recommended to watch in HD here for the full experience.

Crysis 3 will be available February 2013 for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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looks swoit :]
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I couldn't imagine playing Crysis like that. I'm a stealth only guy. Just started playing dishonoured, I'm still on the first official mission and I'm already 7 hours playing time. I was therefore shocked to read people finished the whole game in 6. Do people just run through games as fast as they can, blasting away like Rambo?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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bow looks so akward >_
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Lewk, i'm with you. It's so much more immersive and fun playing stealth.

I think the people that didn't like Crysis 2 are those that played like this. Armour and guns blazing right down the middle. Sure there wasn't the opportunities for stealth as in Crysis 1, but there were still plenty of ones. To take your down. I've played all the crysis games a few times. Guns blazing, trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible is the least entertaining way.
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Looks good. One thing I dislike is games at the moment is explosive or hazardous barrels just happen to be where guards or a patrol would be. No way would anyone store such things out of the way or in a container. It may be cinematic but its nothing great game play wise.
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Its a shame crytek cant make good games because their engineers and art/level designers are being wasted.
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looks kinda good, don't like the big 'sphere' thing in the sky. To me it still gives an enclosed and linear feel to the game (much like Crysis 2 [which I didn't like]).

Engine looks great.

The voice actor for Psycho is bad compared to the Crysis 1/warhead psycho. Psycho from Crysis 1 and warhead was one of my favorite video game characters because of the awesome voice acting.

The Psycho here will probably just get on my nerves because of that really strong British accent. I hope they change up the voice actor before the final release.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Can't wait for this one!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What I hate about all city / town based games is that there are some buildings you can't get into. I know it would probably take forever to program and be a b**** for resources but it just takes something away from the gameplay when they tell me I HAVE to go through this crumbling old building to get to my destination when there's a perfectly good road a few metres away but you can't get to it because OH NOES INVISABUL WALLZ
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