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Brisbane, Queensland
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Confirming previous reports, officials for the Penny Arcade Expo's first trip Down Under have announced that PAX Australia will indeed take place at the Melbourne Showgrounds from 19-21 July 2013, with a further nod that the show will also return to the Victorian capital in 2014.
Victorian Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher today joined Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo to announce that Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Australia will be held in Melbourne in 2013 and 2014.

Ms Asher said PAX is the world’s premier games festival and the decision to choose Melbourne will be a fantastic opportunity to highlight Victoria’s creative capabilities on a global scale.

“This is the first time the event has been held outside the United States and attracting PAX Australia to Melbourne was a major coup for Victoria,” Ms Asher said. “It is a great opportunity to showcase games culture in Australia to the rest of the world, and the exposure around the region and the world that Melbourne’s games industry will gain from the event, and the number of international and domestic visitors that will be drawn to Melbourne, cannot be underestimated.”

Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo said the demands of the global community dictated the expansion to Australia. “When we reached out to our international fans, the response from the Australian community for a local PAX was overwhelming,” Mr Khoo said.

"Melbourne has a long history of supporting the games scene, through showcasing cultural game exhibits to supporting world renowned game developers. Holding PAX Australia in Melbourne is the perfect fit for our show.”
Pricing has been set at a reasonable AU$45 per day, or $115 for a three day pass, and registrations are now open over on
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Got my ticket, hopefully they pull it off and this is awesome. Either way, I'd much rather support a convention like this one, over the EB one.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8294 posts
Did you get a 3-day pass or a single day Khel? I'll probably just go on the one day (Saturday) and keen to catch up with any other QGLers that are going.
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
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awesome. pay day tomorrow, will be buying 3 day pass.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I got the three day pass, dunno if there'll be enough there to actually fill three days, but I'd hate to miss out if there was :P

Would be keen for a catch up/pissup at some point throughout the weekend.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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that sucks. hoped they would change cities each year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hmmm, I guess I may as well get the 3 day pass, it's only a little more than 2 days.

How fast does PAX usually sell out?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Not sure how quick this one will sell out, the 3 day passes usually sell out pretty quickly for the ones in the US though
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Haha, looking at the PAX FAQ:

Aren’t all the creatures in Australia dangerous/poisonous/out to kill you?
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Yes, but if you stay within the city quarantine zones you should be safe.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Good advice for the PAX conference perhaps, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse staying within the city quarantine zones will almost certainly get you killed.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Awesome, bought a few 3 day passes for some mates and I. Should be a great few days.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17374 posts
you guys will pull all the chicks
02:04pm 22/10/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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And you can pull all the d**** then paveway =)
03:21pm 22/10/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Does QGL need someone to take photos??

09:51am 23/10/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
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Got my tix...

Did everyone say yes to omegathon?
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