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Toyota 86 already sold out
Brisbane, Queensland
2293 posts
Toyota’s first sportscar in six years is already a sell-out success in Australia, where more than 400 fans have ensured that demand will exceed initial supplies of the all-new 86 Coupe.

With just over a week to go before the 86 is officially released (next Monday, June 4), Toyota Australia has confirmed the first shipment is already accounted for and that buyers who place a deposit now will have to wait at least two months for delivery.

Spokesman Mike Breen told that Toyota Australia has secured enough vehicles to initially supply each dealer with at least one 86, with two going to some large metropolitan retailers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19975 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
6932 posts
Oh wow, when I first saw this I thought it was going to be a $100+ car. No idea it was a 30-40k car. That completely blows cars like the RX-8 out of the water.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19978 posts
looks like a 350z/mazda something and powered by a subaru flat four? So in other words, it's not really a toyota at all.
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Brisbane, Queensland
516 posts
I also didnt realise this was that affordable. Looks great.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9767 posts
It's a slow s***box. They both are, the Toyota and Subaru versions. It needs forced induction at a minimum to be even considered imo. AWD would bbe nice from the Subaru end but again, not going to happen as it's priced too close to the WRX which is what id spend my 40k on.
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Melbourne, Victoria
2608 posts
Not surprised, it is a pretty sexy car.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2090 posts
has top gear done anything on this?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3628 posts
has top gear done anything on this?

not sure if it was top gear but there is a mag currently out with the cover saying the 86 beat a porsche..
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20665 posts
It's meant to be a 'drivers' car and really well balanced etc

It certainly looks underpowered, but from what I've read it goes pretty hard...
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1031 posts
Piss and Vinegar.

I've been asking dealers (Suby for the BRZ and Toyota) locally for months about it, and heard sweet f*** all in response.

Kind of annoyed that there wasn't even word that they were taking orders as yet either...

Did it actually launch at the $40k price point? coz I was half expecting it to be closer to $50+ given all the extra taxes/tarriffs the Aus Govt lumps imported cars with...

I said I'd never buy a 'new' new car... but the 86 is such a welcome change to the rest of the s***e out there (CERTAINLY at it's targeted price point).

As for the underpowered element, I'm sure the next developments from the likes of the Jap Tuning companies out there is going to be a bolt on hair dryer kit with a chip tune to get some better figures out of it...
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Brisbane, Queensland
6561 posts
BRZ or gtfo.

I was interested in checking these out but I think I will be keeping my wrx for a while yet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5609 posts
Did it actually launch at the $40k price point? coz I was half expecting it to be closer to $50+ given all the extra taxes/tarriffs the Aus Govt lumps imported cars with...
From the article
However, that now appears to have been designed to pave the way for a lower-than-expected admission price for the most anticipated new Toyota in a generation, with dealer sources confirming the 86 will be priced from the mid-$30,000 region, at about $35,990 for the entry-level 86 GT. Expect the flagship 86 GTS variant to cost about $45,990.
Edit: just as a reply to the power, i wonder considering from all reports and youtubes of them driving on testtracks people say that the paper number doesn't really express well the real life numbers in how they easily smoke their own tyres up, launch hard and pull beautifully. They corner a charm and are a lot of fun.

As for bolting on mods, i'm in no way inclined to say that they won't happen, but i do wonder, if toyota has been pushing this engine as far as it can safely to it's limit, is there much room to do easy mods? If they're getting this power from ignition advance and high compression, then supercheap mods aren't exactly going to bolt on without big dollars to manage it.

Still if there's a market there will be a way. Obviously the exhaust if anything can be modified without much fear :P

Edit: as a reply to directly below me and your article
Supercharging is also a key competence for TRD which has been offering this kind of forced induction as an aftermarket kit for Toyotas since 1998.
The 4ag in the original 86 had a model variant called the 4agze. The z was for supercharged. That means they've been offering it since at least 1986 from my knowledge :P the 4agze engine obviously being a better tuners car as the internals were stronger. I don't think it actually came out for the original trueno, but other cars had it.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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"Chief engineer Tetsuo Tada says that not only is a supercharged GT 86 envisaged, test cars have already been made and are being evaluated by Toyota Racing Development"

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1032 posts
I don't think it actually came out for the original trueno, but other cars had it.

No it was in the mid 80's AW11 MR-2 tho, and that was a weapon (considering it's size).

Interesting post Olx, I'm curious as to why the option wasn't sought after initially (perhaps because the current 'car manufacturing game' is nothing like it used to be pre-financial crisis, let alone when Toyota USED to make North-South RWD sports cars)

The Hi-Ace D4-D's have plenty of torque (for what they are) and with the turbo don't make massive power, but do pull very well.
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12908 posts
the subaru engine is an interesting choice for a company like toyota I think, perfectly capable of copying german engine technology making their own decent engines
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Brisbane, Queensland
4331 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
6934 posts
LCT only kicks in at about $56k... or somehwere around that figure. It's inflation adjusted every year.
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Captain Lateral
Brisbane, Queensland
4532 posts
I'm sure the next developments from the likes of the Jap Tuning companies out there is going to be a bolt on hair dryer kit with a chip tune to get some better figures out of it...
I dunno, its a subaru engine after all..

bout time something like this was released, i was getting a little over the "hot hatches is the new affordable sports car guys, now believe us and buy the damn shopping carts, its got a spoiler and mp3 bluetooth!".

147kw is still 190 hp in a 1200kg vehicle, 0-60 time of 7.0 seconds would be achievable while staying P plater friendly. I wonder how hard it would be to drop a tuned EJ boxer engine in it.
08:28am 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
16804 posts
why would it be 100k? or even 50k?

it is a n/a 4 cylinder coupe... the only thing it has going for it is that it is rear wheel driven

no doubt the best thing about this car will be the engine transplants people do with wrx engines

as mentioned above if they are looking at a supercharged version that will interest a lot more people again. but how much more expensive will it be with a supercharger.......
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Melbourne, Victoria
6938 posts
Yeah - the fact this has so much P:W and a low price point, combined with being rear-wheel is going to see so many of these wrapped around power-poles - particularly in the wet by "omg lukatmah fullysik FT and iken doit fine bro cuz Ican drive unlike joos." types :/
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Brisbane, Queensland
2074 posts
You and I have different definitions of 'so much P:W'

200kw per tonne is a nice P:W. This thing only has 125kw/tonne. That's the same power to weight as a V6 Honda Accord or 3.6l V6 commodore and only just higher than a VW Jetta.

This thing is not going to be fast, but you don't need a whole heap of power to put a car into a pole. Luckily a 40k pricetag should keep it out of the hands of the 18 year olds likely to act like tools in one because of its namesake.

Agree with pave - Sounds like you should be able to drop an STI engine in with a few bits and pieces and make 300hp at the wheels. Then the light weight platform (1200kg) should make it quite the track weekend warrior.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8864 posts
who cares about the power, if it drives nicely and is fun to drive then it's worth the money to some

An MX5 is 40k too and it's a wonderful car to drive despite having bugger all power.

Anyway, on the topic, 'sold out' isn't such an amazing claim when it's only 400 cars! I mean, over 4000 mazda 3's are sold every month - obviously not a comparable car but it puts the numbers into perspective.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2825 posts
and it isn't a limited run, it translates to a two to three month wait,

and seeing that people have been placing orders on this for months (deposits had been made before a price was announced) this is hardly a surprise
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Brisbane, Queensland
3630 posts
This car is cheap enough to be a modders dream... Interested to see what the modding community will come up with.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3631 posts
went through gallery on toyota's website, f*** I wished they stuck with their original concept? apart from the ugly spoiler and atrocious wheels, everything else looks pretty beasty.
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Adelaide, South Australia
477 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
6940 posts
Gotta admit, those orangy colours look nice on the 86 and the Subaru XV.
04:14pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2829 posts
concept is close to real thing,

lines are the same, and side mirrors and lights would have been changed to make them usable (really thin side mirrors look good, as do tiny head/rear lights, however they are not very good)
04:22pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3632 posts
That's a concept model that was shown ages ago. The release model looks like:

no s***, I'm saying they should have stuck with the concept styling.
05:06pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2831 posts
but i'm saying not much has changed, lets look at what is different

door handles you can use
wing mirrors you can see out of
headlights that light s*** up
rear light that others can see,
and a front bar that lets you drive into a driveway, or over a speedbump/cat
the vent over the front wheel has a smaller light

and if you look hard, the wheels are the same as the concept
05:39pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
517 posts
As a massive Z4 Coupe fan, I really think this is a great little coupe for the money. It will be interesting to see what the modders will do with it.
06:01pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3633 posts
door handles look fine (similar design to current R35 GTR)
Wing mirrors look sex and are probably fine
headlights are fine
rear lights are fine
I agree with front bumper looking low so it's not practical but f*** it looks way better. could redesign to make higher.
I already said the wheels are s*** on both cars (including spoiler)
The photo of orange 86 above, what in the butt f*** is with the air duct thing in front of the side mirror on the fender. This section on concept car looks s*** loads better.

also rear bumper, boot lid and side skirts are all different.

so there aren't a lot of changes, but the changes are VERY different.

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06:07pm 28/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2832 posts
that is the vent over the front wheel (and a real vent, not a holden styling only look-a-like vent) and that little badge looking thing after the vent is a side indicator, on the concept photo, it is a long light from the vent to the door

the side skirt is and extra that is coming as a package later (if TRD are to be believed)

as for the rear, look at the sube BRZ, and you should find where the back went (and the side vent long light)

looking at the sube photos, more and more, I think I would try and get the front from the toyota, and the rest from subaru
also, the vent is the same, but there is no indicator, the side indicator in just before the front wheel, high, as part of the front bar

it also has less gay wheels (would post but only have the photos in hard copy)
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