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Powerslide revival
Brisbane, Queensland
8959 posts
Who is interested in having some games of Powerslide tonight?

It was awesome fun playing multiplayer on Heat.net back in the day. We can play over TCP/IP now.

The game needs to be run in compatibility mode for Windows 98 / ME. There are also two patches you will need to play.

Patch 1.01
Patch 1.04

Apply the 1.01 patch then the 1.04.

If you have problems running the game with Direct3D, there is a glide wrapper you can use. It is easy to set up. Just run the install and configure it and glide should be available in the game.

Glide Wrapper

There is another glidewrapper (dgvoodoo) but I have found that it causes Powerslide to crash in the same place every time on the Mineshafted track. So give that one a miss.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8766 posts
Powerslide was an awesome game.
Catch-up meant good players could compete against poor players, great LAN game.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
20384 posts
Whoah. Blast from the past. I remember this game never had any pop-up from the surrounding mountains and stuff like that. It was just really seamless.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3489 posts
Saw this last weekend but forgot to reply, coincidently I was relocating all my old game boxes and came across powerslide (before seeing this thread). I tried installing and patching in Win7 and running under xp compatibilty mode but no luck unfortunately. Just spits out an error when I try to load the game.

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Brisbane, Queensland
8971 posts
If you have Windows 7 Professional or above try this.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8972 posts
Also make sure if you use compatibility mode that you try Windows 98 / ME.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1351 posts
Crack out the PowerVR cards!
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