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Firefall Gameplay Video
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Firefall PAX 2010 Gameplay Video from Red 5 Studios on Vimeo.

From those ^ Red 5 Studios (ex-blizzard/world of warcraft designers),

Firefall is a team-based action shooter combining deep character progression with an open-world cooperative campaign that can be shared with hundreds of other players. Firefall will also have a rich competitive multiplayer component incorporating built-in features such as clan support, ladders, tournaments and stats.

Looks like it could be a more fun bored-erlands. Even better,
How much will Firefall cost to play?

We are so excited about Firefall that we want to make sure everyone can play it and join their friends in the game. When Firefall releases, it will be available online for download and play for absolutely free.

More information is available on their forums, and if you register on their forums, you're up with a chance for the closed beta.
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Brisbane, Queensland
30137 posts
yer, that looked alright;
12:08pm 05/09/10 Permalink
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Doesn't look to bad. Id play that.
12:26pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
755 posts
This looks twenty five shades of awesome.
12:28pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1792 posts
looks pretty damn complete too.
12:43pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5543 posts
So it's an MMO? Looks kind of like Borderlands, which always seemed to me like it'd be better if it were an MMO. If that's what this is, I'm interested.
02:10pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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looked kind of meh to me
02:13pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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The problem with guns is lack of class synergies. Even within an individual class wow had:

Mages: group up enemies - frost nova cone of cold AE AE AE all things die and sit around drinking conjured water
Rogues: sap an enemy kill his buddy in stunlock use remaining energy to slice and dice and kill the second, when flurry is up kill more than one target at once.
Priests/warlocks: Dot and fear occasionally shackles and seduce
Paladins: shieldblock enemies till they kill themselves on you.
Druids: more or less a balance between many forms
Hunters: pet tanking one thing, trapped another, and kiting a third with concussive shots and so forth

and then in teams those different skills played specific roles, the deepest skill synergy borderlands got was "Shoot your friend to give them health... if you want".

I didn't see much here that was going to change that..

edit: one thing this has that borderlands didn't - colour. F*****g sand was boring as s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4878 posts
Free? Sold

but yeah if looks like what borderlands should have been, both gameplay and visuals
03:20pm 05/09/10 Permalink
1186 posts
Yeah I thought the game play looked fairly average but then they did the fly over and you see all the little battles going on.

Looked really good considering it's not being released for another year yet.
03:31pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
10510 posts
Does look pretty damn fun. But considering the nature of the game, unless there's an Australian hosted server solution it'll be failcakes for us.
04:28pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2201 posts
The cel-shading effect looks pretty cool and gameplay looks nice.
Free means either ads or purchasing in game content though. I hope they know what they're doing from the start as there's examples of game communities being torn apart when trying to transition between payment models.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10720 posts
It could be cool, it also looks as though it could get old pretty quick.
The big attack at the end was cool, good to see that settlements aren't complete safe havens all the time.
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Melbourne, Victoria
302 posts
Looks alright to me, I'd play it.
08:15pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
7095 posts
I'm keen on ad supported games. I was mucking around with Anarchy Online when that was ad supported (maybe still is) and the real soft-drink ads on billboards in the subway just added to the game artistically rather than detracted from it. Hopefully the future of ad supported games is more like that.
08:28pm 05/09/10 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
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it looks like a sandbox mmo shooter kind of thing is that what it is? that would awesome
02:49pm 06/09/10 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
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Could the logo look anymore SC2ish?
04:11pm 06/09/10 Permalink
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
31949 posts
Cinematic was awesome!
04:54pm 06/09/10 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
847 posts
So it's free to play, aka you will suck unless you buy an advantage. Hard to be interested.
07:57pm 06/09/10 Permalink
1136 posts
...the studio’s first title brought to you by the team lead of World of Warcraft and the lead designer of Tribes.

Tribes lives!
08:03pm 06/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
300 posts
Tribes still has a pulse... just!

Watching that i was waiting for them to start skiing.

I miss tribes more than any other game :(

08:18pm 06/09/10 Permalink
Perth, Western Australia
25 posts
+1 to Deviouz's comment.

A bit more in common than just the logo too, methinks. But an interesting and pretty enough trailer.
10:06pm 06/09/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
560 posts
never really been into mmo's but i'll give this one a shot.
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