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Best solvent to remove car window tint glue!
Brisbane, Queensland
389 posts
Anyone a pro at this?

Tried turps and a citrus based solvent thats supposed to do wonders. I am have all the tint off and the rear demister still works. The tint has been there for about 20 years and the windows are foggy, blurry and have a brownish orange tinge.

I should add i think they put the tint over the top of the factory tinting, so i dont really want to use razor blades as the factory tint appears fine.

What do i need to get them clean? Im about to try a credit card as im told that can help.

What do you think? Got any mad glue disolvers? The glass doesnt even feel sticky! its a real prick.
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Brisbane, Queensland
148 posts
Acetone is good for some adhesives. If you know the type of adhesive the spec sheet will have the solvents.

Also found this,

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Brisbane, Queensland
1570 posts
what you want is to put your car in the shade, get an ammonia based cleaner, get a few chux and cover the tint with chux soaked in the solvent/cleaner, and let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes.

dont underestimate the job, its an absolute s*** of a job
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Brisbane, Queensland
2618 posts
Factory tint isn't an overlay is it? I thought the tint was in the glass itself. If that's the case then a razor blade would do the trick. You can get special ones from bunnings, a lot bigger than a standard razor. Even with the ease of a razor it's a c*** of a job.
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Brisbane, Queensland
390 posts
im starting to think maybe it was half the tint i took off, leaving one half the tint (delaminate?) instead of leaving just the glue. Im going to try with the razor tomorrow. Either the tint comes off or my wrists do
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Brisbane, Queensland
15682 posts
Read my posts in your own thread, I told you what to use to get the glue off. Just don't get it on the door trims.

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Brisbane, Queensland
2889 posts
Just go get some general purpose thinners
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
1196 posts
eucalyptus oil.. IT WILL WORK.

also anyone know what the best stuff to use to clean car paint with. i want to try to get some stubburn dirt out of paintwork before i sell my van.

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Brisbane, Queensland
6871 posts
just a slight cutting compound will do the trick sleepy
then follow up with a polish

sometimes you can get a mild-cut&polish as one product
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
1197 posts
ta. will give it a go
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Brisbane, Queensland
4582 posts
Factory tint isn't an overlay is it? I thought the tint was in the glass itself.
Usually factory tint is just a fancy marketing term for the dealership installing tint before you drive away with the car.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6878 posts
No, factory tint is usually the govt mandated 'colouration' of the glass that provides an SPF15+ protection from the sun
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Brisbane, Queensland
4149 posts

This is what you want sleepy, a clay bar kit. All the tough grime and s*** sticks to the clay bar.
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
1198 posts
just watched a video example of that stuff.

looks like it will do the job.

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