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New Bridge/Tunnel Linking China, Hong Kong and Macau
Brisbane, Queensland
4240 posts
It's a new bridge tunnel started today linking mainland China to Hong Kong and them under sea tunnel 34-36 km long to Macau. About $B15 to 16.

First pic is entry to tunnel then bridge and then toll gates 8 or so lanes


Link, but everything is in chinese

China has started constructing one of the world's longest bridges linking southern Guangdong province to Hong Kong and Macau, in a move to boost economic ties.

The Y-shaped Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which Chinese officials presented as "the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world", spans nearly 50 kilometres, the Xinhua news agency said.

When completed by about 2016, it will be longer than the 38.4-kilometre Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge in the southern United States, which is often billed as the world's longest.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony with Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang, said the bridge would be "a crucial step forward for the social and economic integration" of the region.

"With a more efficient transport network, the finance, tourism, trade, logistics, and professional services in Hong Kong can be better (connected) to the west of the Pearl River Delta," he said, according to a statement posted on the Hong Kong government website.

The bridge will cut the driving time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong to 30 minutes from the current 3.5 hours and between Hong Kong and Macau to less than one hour from three hours, earlier Chinese media reports said.

The bridge, which will eventually be a six-lane expressway, will be built at an estimated cost of 73 billion yuan ($A11.67 billion), Xinhua said.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3167 posts
Awesome, love a good bridge, knowing the Chinese it'll be knocked up in less than a year as well.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4797 posts
how well do you know these chinese?

it looks great in theory but I don't trust anything "made in China" these days
also, this has nothing on my epic mail server that I engineered
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Brisbane, Queensland
11151 posts
nothing wrong with the work they do, they have built a few real big bridges in recent times, nothing on the scale of this though

and the engineering design and supervision would all be done by a big multi national engineering company like arup or something anyway

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Brisbane, Queensland
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yer the chinese are pretty awesome with their engineering.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8142 posts
it looks great in theory but I don't trust anything "made in China" these days

i don't think JustJap is supplying the parts for this bridge dude.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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why would they if it was made in china
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Cairns, Queensland
4490 posts
Had an interesting conversation with a local business dude the other week. They had switched a bunch of clothing manufacture to China.

The quality when the sample arrived was your basic Chinese crap. They asked for it to be improved to their standards, and it ended up costing almost as much as domestic (or Western) manufacture.

Moral? The Chinese don't produce crap products as a national pastime, they output low quality crap to satisfy our requirements.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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its an inside car joke you douche
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Nevertheless, nothing to do with china.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hogfather above is so true, I spent a bit of time doing trade in China with my cousin who has been doing it for years and went to a few trade shows. He was always telling me stories about Westerners who turned up in China wanting dirt cheap product so they could save on having it locally produced and then were surprised the quality was up the s***. There's such a range in the quality of nearly every product you can find over there. Even fake stuff, you can buy a fake bag for 1/100 of the price and be sure it will be a crap fake but if you pay 1/10 it probably came straight from the real factory..
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Does Maxis help them with the concept art?
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Melbourne, Victoria
3477 posts
I have have some experience with manufacturing in China. Everything has to be specifically detailed. You go in, get a sample, sample is always way better than what they will make for you off the production line. You have to have trusted guys on the ground checking the quality at every point right up to when the goods go into the shipping container. You think they will use hinge A, then in production they use cheaper hinge B. You think they will grind and properly finish all welds, in production they won't. You have to be watching them at every single point.

If anyone ever needs anything done in China, btw, PM me.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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aw man I used to love SimCity 2000
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Brisbane, Queensland
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teq, made in Japan was once a taboo as well, and if you go back further so is made in anywhere outside of Europe.

On topic, wow what an ambitious project
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Brisbane, Queensland
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does building a bridge fix that ?

take a look at the new vehicle they're releasing in Australia, called the "Great Wall"
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Townsville, Queensland
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The chinese made the boats in 2012! how can this fail!!!!!!!!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Great Wall 4x4's are shockingly bad. If you have a chance to look underneth them you can see what not to do with seals, welds, bushings and bolts.

Maybe in 10 years they're have fallen apart enough to know what parts to improve, but I wouldn't be buying one any time soon.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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they completed this in 2003, worlds longest arch bridge

they also lay claim to the worlds longest and second longest cable stayed bridges

the sutong

and the stonecutters bridge (which is hong kong but whatever)

dudes know what they are doing
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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quite possibly, it's not 100% completed yet

the bridge span is finished though
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Brisbane, Queensland
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definitely shopped, and i have seen some shops in my time

the great wall itself smashes any other engineering feat though
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Brisbane, Queensland
11154 posts
yeah, not really

Watch a doco called 'Ancient Mega Structures' some the ways these ancient c**** dealt with drainage and hydraulic situations pwns as well of course as building big s***
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