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Poofoo valve?
Brisbane, Queensland
2014 posts
I don't know how to spell it, I tried searching on google for fufu foofoo pfufu pfoofoo pfoofu foofu pufu poofoo fuful pooful puful etc.. and poofoo got the most hits, but no real definition or origin.

You may have heard Carl Baron mention it on his DVD. Now maybe it's just me but I think it comes from football valve, but my girlfriend thinks it's much older than footballs but I don't know if she knows what she's talking about anyway.

Can anyone share any insight?
10:28pm 20/02/08 Permalink
10:28pm 20/02/08 Permalink
5002 posts
poo poo valve?
10:29pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Mr Hardware
Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
2531 posts
yeah its a weird one
i first heard it in the carl baron dvd too
my bro explained it to me, i can't quite remember
but its a colloquial term for a nothingness inside you
like when you are 'winded' after running etc
ill see if i can find my aussie slang dictionary
10:41pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
884 posts
burst your cafoufal value?
10:50pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5489 posts
I use to hear it regularly when I was a kid (approx 30 years ago)
Yeah, it usually meant you were out of wind (steam? heheh) or was sometimes used as a warning when lifting heavy stuff
"careful, you'll break your poofoo valve"
10:53pm 20/02/08 Permalink
1076 posts
or was sometimes used as a warning when lifting heavy stuff "careful, you'll break your poofoo valve"

11:21pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7436 posts
poofer valve, it's just an old slang thing
11:26pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1598 posts
I thought it was popoo valve.
11:36pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Mr Hardware
Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
2533 posts
i've heard a few people say it a few different ways foovoov, poofoo etc
11:37pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
12251 posts
Yeah, I've heard it the way Jim said it, poofer valve.
11:41pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
328 posts
Well, however you say it, it's connected to your chicken bone ...
11:58pm 20/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12441 posts
my friends dad always says don't lift heavy stuff you'll bust your foofoo and i'm like wtf mate^^
12:22am 21/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12811 posts
i once had a cricket ball hit me in the bread basket
01:50am 21/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12444 posts
so that explains why you are the way you are
02:05am 21/02/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12812 posts
bread basket meaning stomach

if it hit me in the nuts id be dead
02:58am 21/02/08 Permalink
02:58am 21/02/08 Permalink
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