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Cheap Flowers
Brisbane, Queensland
275 posts
Where to buy cheap flowers?

Cant afford expensive ones.

That is all
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Brisbane, Queensland
1007 posts
The neighbours garden...
(I take them from my Mums :o)

Coles and that have Cheap bunches of flowers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5667 posts
a flower shop?
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Brisbane, Queensland
19777 posts
sif buying flowers, you homo
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Strange Rash
570 posts
what did you do wrong?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6026 posts
don't bother if you're going to be tight
07:30pm 07/10/07 Permalink
9238 posts
Coles do cheap flowers as do some cigarette shops. Flowers just die though....
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Brisbane, Queensland
3062 posts
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Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
4466 posts
Flower markets at rocklea. Good quality, lower price
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Brisbane, Queensland
276 posts
what did you do wrong?

Umm i was at her friends party and i decided to a mates and watch the rugby at 10:30pm and she thought that was bad of me, or something.

How much is a bunch of random flowers @ a florist?

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Brisbane, Queensland
8047 posts

she thought that was bad of me, or something.

How much is a bunch of random flowers @ a florist?

First off. Don't be a pussy whipped chump. If you don't believe you did something wrong then you can't possibly be sorry for it.

If you are, for some strange reasons, truly sorry for it. 'a bunch of random flowers' that you want to get out as cheaply as possible, is a really piss poor apology and an insult.
09:15pm 07/10/07 Permalink
9239 posts
second the above. Don't buy flowers just because you think you should buy flowers. If you aren't sorry don't apologise. if you are sorry that she is upset but still feel you had every right to do what you did, just tell her that.

Don't make a rod for your back
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Brisbane, Queensland
5265 posts
Never got the whole "kill a plant to show a woman you like/love her"
FFS - man up an kill a puppy an present her that

Better yet, a small child

bah - the stupidity of killing something to show your love....
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Brisbane, Queensland
11789 posts
^^ what if you get her fake flowers?
09:43pm 07/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2654 posts
Clearly if she has a dummy spit about you going to the rugby then it's not going to work out in the long run.. therefore no point in wasting money on flowers.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
64 posts
put in the extra money get some good flowers and get a root in return.
09:53pm 07/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2646 posts
Get her a Bouquet in the shape of a football.
09:59pm 07/10/07 Permalink
Forum Hero
Wynnum, Queensland
13451 posts
bunch of flowers with a card. write on the card "i'm really sorry for leaving, as the football was s***".

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Brisbane, Queensland
498 posts
you can get some decent ones from a florist.

about 40 bucks will do it. thats reasonable and they look pretty good as far as flowers go.

always my last minute birthday prese for my female friends if i havent got around to getting a prese.

you cant go wrong with flowers in any situation. even if she doesnt "forgive" you strait away when shes alone next time she will when she looks at them again and go all goooey.
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Brisbane, Queensland
499 posts

bunch of flowers with a card. write on the card "i'm really sorry for leaving, as the football was s***".

like it !
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Brisbane, Queensland
1071 posts

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Brisbane, Queensland
1067 posts
coles and woolworths soemtiems have amazing deals on roses and stuff, but you can't be guaranteed they'll have it if you go there...
08:44am 08/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8050 posts
Grow your own flowers, that way you actually put time and effort into it and it is actually worth something..
10:56am 08/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7405 posts
even chicks who say they don't like flowers LOVE getting flowers.
11:14am 08/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6902 posts
There's this thing that we learn about in psychology (and I'm not pretending only ppl who do psych know about it) and it helps to explain why some people engage in certain behaviours.

Reinforcement - increases the likelihood that a person will engage in a behaviour in a future. For example, if you buy her flowers because she whinged that you went to the rugby, you are rewarding her for being a b****. That is "positive reinforcement": you're ADDING something to the situation to REWARD her behaviour.

Let's say now that instead of buying her flowers you just decide that next time you're with her you won't ditch her given the same circumstances. This would be an example "negative reinforcement": you're REMOVING something from the situation to REWARD her behaviour.

Either way, these options will make her more likely to complain about you going to watch the rugby next time you do it, which is something that you should be able to do in a relationship, provided you weren't being a jerk about it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13 posts
what girl wouldn't appreciate flowers?! she might say she doesn't expect flowers or whatever, but as if she'd ever turn them down. but that said, buying flowers is a cheap apology. had an ex bf who always bought me flowers when he was a d***, huge insult really thinking that a bunch of flowers was going to make up for him asking me for permission to mack on some other chic! flowers are best when bought for no reason... better to just take her somewhere or do something she likes
07:26pm 11/10/07 Permalink
139 posts
Well I'm a girl (ok an old one) and I hate flowers too. I would rather be given something that doesn't wilt and die after 2 days in the hot weather. In fact, I would rather not be given anything... (Furry Bear take note for our Wedding Anniversary next week)

If you don't believe that you have done anything wrong, then maybe it would be better for you to actually just be honest with her about why you did what you did and maybe it would make for a better relationship.

mmmm Maybe I should talk to my psych at my next appointment as to why I dont like flowers!!!!!
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Brisbane, Queensland
6924 posts
You missed the fact that she doesn't deserve an apology.
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Brisbane, Queensland
501 posts

how long did you stay with him then.

and how many bunches did you go through.

you contributed if you never did anythign about it except for frowns and words and tanties.

so he bought you bunches everytiem he was busted. how many times did he get away with it.

hope for your sake you saw it assesed the situation and got the f*** out...

then posted home sex vid on the internet. etc etc. you know how it goes.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3326 posts
Just go out and pick some, geez.

BTW flowers suck, I went out and picked the last chick a MASSIVE amanita muscaria (google it).

She didn't really appreciate it much, but I genuinely thought it was a cool idea.

I don't get women, since when does paying some dork at coles on your way home from work more meaningful/romantic then going out yourself and sourcing something really interesting from the wild.


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Brisbane, Queensland
6062 posts
she was probably high on lsd you synthesised
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Strange Rash
573 posts
08:15pm 11/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6925 posts

1 - cut a hole in the box
2 - put your junk in the box
3 - make her open the box

08:19pm 11/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8059 posts
Hay Chub, instead of stealing the flowers, how about growing your own. Even more effort then.

I've recently learnt how to graft plants to each other. I'm growing a tomato/eggplant tree.. Gunna give it away to someone who likes tomato AND eggplant.

Do the same for flowers, how cool would it be to give a grafted plant with several different flowers (provided there in the same family they should graft wooo)
09:27pm 11/10/07 Permalink
4670 posts
i get 2 dozon long stemmed red roses for 5 euro every wed at the flower markets
10:03pm 11/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6929 posts
I've recently learnt how to graft plants to each other. I'm growing a tomato/eggplant tree.. Gunna give it away to someone who likes tomato AND eggplant.

That seriously made me f*****g LOL.
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Brisbane, Queensland
954 posts
haha @ that vid...meanwhile I was trying to find the recent clip from curb where larry was stealing flowers from the roadside memorial to funkhousers mother.
10:24pm 11/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
14 posts
sleepy, flowers twice, first time was just a small argument, nothing serious, second was the one mentioned, and then once i dumped him for said actions and he kept trying to win me back.. with shell petrol station flowers.. lol
10:28pm 11/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1069 posts
amanita muscaria

Its the fairy-tale shroom!
12:07pm 12/10/07 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6072 posts
ahhhh that video is classic
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