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Brisbane, Queensland
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Can't post...playing Wolfenstein.

In case you haven't tried it yet, give it a go. Its a cool combination of Quake 3 engine awesomeness and Counter-Strike/Day of Defeat gameplay. The classes seem fairly well-balanced and promotes some awesome teamplay action. If you haven't done it yet, try running around in a group of a medic, a lieutenant, and an engineer (with a soldier for backup if you can coordinate that big a group).

There's a lot of people with varying opinions, but remember, its just a test - I think its great fun. Running up the beach with tracers flying down at you and shells whistling overhead and dodging sniper fire and airstrikes is visually awesome, and the challenges for both teams (when they're playing properly) are great fun.

To add to this, there's not much interesting news around; I guess everyone is playing Wolf :) The Wireplay servers have been pretty much full ever since they were put up. I can't wait to see Medal of Honor now to compare.
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i played wolf years ago, yew cant even look up and down or jump, sif im playing that
10:44am 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Get a hold of yourself're delerious eheheh

but yes WolfTEST rocks alot ever since the Wireplay pings have calmed down a bit Hooray for decent pings :p
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Brisbane, Queensland
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wolf rox, now all i need is a lan
11:19am 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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*gives giri a lan*
11:21am 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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lol trog that pic is sad theres plenty of other servers around :P
11:33am 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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but theyre all s***** laggy
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Sydney, New South Wales
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trooo, wolf certainly rawks!!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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just played then, its really good when u have a true team dynamics happening, with medics and lietenants doing their jobs, only died once just before in the entire level due to a well placed rocket which took 4 of us out :) but that was good having medics heal and lietenants giving out ammo.

clan matches where proper tactics could develop would own
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Brisbane, Queensland
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anyone know when the final game is out?? also it is banned in germany like the origional one was
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Brisbane, Queensland
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omfg this rawks so hard!!

pity 'bout the lag
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Optus have 2 servers but they are gay coz FF is off. Last night they were also screwed up and the map reloaded (you know, the long wait load) every time someone won.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Return to Wolf rocks.

So much playability from one small test demo :)

Does anyone know if a headshot from a sniper is a one shot kill? Either my aim is crap or it takes 2 or more :/

There's so much promising stuff about this test it's not funny. I'm so surprised its as good as it is.

PS: Activision's release schedule lists it for November. Given the comments from the developer/Activision online, that date is looking pretty solid.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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GreyMATr, we are talking about the new wolf :)
sorry if you were being sarcastic, cause its hard to tell.
04:26pm 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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oo also, whats IPs for optus servers?
04:27pm 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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*wants IP's for Optus servers*
04:42pm 18/09/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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mmm good pings.
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