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World of Warcraft Announced
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Well, it looks like Blizzard's secret has been revealed a day early. Their new title is World of Warcraft and is a MMORPG.
During a press conference today at the European Computer Trade Show, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer, online role-playing game set in the rich fiction of Blizzard's Warcraft universe. Featuring bold 3D graphics and deep, immersive gameplay, World of Warcraft will allow thousands of players to adventure together in this epic setting and will provide them with a new, in-depth perspective on familiar lands, former battlefields, and heroes from the legendary universe. In addition, World of Warcraft will introduce new, uncharted territories and foes never before seen by followers of the series.

Personally, it's quite a let down seeing another fantasy-based MMO role-playing game. Why couldn't they use the Starcraft license!?!! Why!? Of course, 99% of the people who read this are going to be excited about a Blizzard MMO game/are EQ/AC/UO fans, so Huzzah!
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Melbourne, Victoria
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mm, there needs to be a space based MMPOG... someone buy the Stargate title for use in a game or something :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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isn't there a Star Wars one coming?
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Dirty Sanchez
247 posts
oh joy (sarcasm)
it will be hmmm 3 years away knowing Blizzard
I bet we have to pay by the month to use it to
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Brisbane, Queensland
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mm, there needs to be a space based MMPOG... someone buy the Stargate title for use in a game or something :)

Origin were making a Privateer Online until the wise folks at EA cancelled everything Origin was making that didn't have "Ultima" in the title
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Brisbane, Queensland
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a lot of the EQ crowd where quite excted about AO ...

Quite a few of the upcomming MMORPGs are sci fi based ... Star wars, necron(somethingorothere), AO (which is out now) some giant space sim thing by digital anvil ...

So yeah its comming ... Of course the problem is that I think there is a finite amount of people who want to spend money each month on a game.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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its "me fail english", duh
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Yeah, star wars galaxies is comin out some time in the forseeable future.

It looks so bloody cool, nice graphics too.
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92 posts
this is a real disapointment

does that mean WC3 will be nothing like the first 2? that is gay if it does
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Dave! don't say that without giving links!!#@$ :((
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Geforce 3
Gold Coast, Queensland
170 posts

so inst warcraft going to be single player ? thats why warcraft was fun !
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Tim Tibbetts
Brisbane, Queensland
244 posts
Well I don't think thats its actually true...until I hear the "offical" offical annoucement today.

Blizzard said that it wouldn't be based off any of their exisiting franchises so it wouldn't make sense that they would make a MMORPG based in the Warcraft universe.....We've already got a Warcraft game coming as well so 1 is enough I think.

We shall see I suppose.
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Silent Remorse
Brisbane, Queensland
927 posts
Am I the only one who thinks this is a GOOD Idea? Not many people at QGL seem to like Warcraft - I think it and Starcraft are two of the best fantasy RTS worlds ever created - I'm certainly watching for this one :)
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Toll Booth Willy
Brisbane, Queensland
1083 posts
warcraft is great.

The world isnt in warcraft universe aparently :/

So it will be s*** I rekon.

Unless they do a wierd RPG with heavy elements from Diablo chucked in..

Random maps/dungeons would make it an awsome game.
It should also have Kingdoms that the players join when they create their character. And the kingdom has to go out and collect wood/gold/oil and whatnot so that the kingdom can build seige equipment and other army stuff. Doing all this with a raging war on each border with other kingdoms full of players.

haha That'd rock hardcore!
HAve special missions that require a bunch of people to assisnate the king and all sorts of cool stuff.

And have 1 lucky player the ruler of each kingdom. However this ruler can be overthrowen with votes/force, and kingdoms can be whiped out too!

Sif it'd be that good.

It'd be like Collect the ever increasing items so you can progress to ever increasing tougher monsters. Bahh they are so s*** those games.
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Sydney, New South Wales
809 posts
Nice Idea .....

you could have lotsa cool uber stuff in there ....
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Brisbane, Queensland
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It is in the Worldcraft univers - they have confirmed it.

Looks very nice I must admit - and I've never played a MMORPG before.

The trailer movie is in the usual quality of blizzard movies :) has a bit of info about it as well as links to other sites with indepth info. Worth having a look at before you make a judgement.

I'll have to know more about it, and see how production goes before I would buy it - but it looks promising. It's Blizzard after all - one company that only deals in very high quality games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Pity theres gonna be a monthly fee to play it, as long as its no more then $15, maybe $20 i might play it.

the other thing im worried about is the realms, blizzard are too tight to setup a australian server (guess they dont have enough money or something) and playing on overseas ones gave me 400+ pings on cable for d2, gonna be phun for people on dialup

maybe FSGS will bring out support for it one day :)
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Toll Booth Willy
Brisbane, Queensland
1089 posts

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Brisbane, Queensland
104 posts
MMORPG = loads of fun
Monthly payments + no credit card = ghey

If blizzard releases cd's that give you monthly credit i might be interested. I know UO had this, however it was much cheaper if you paid by card.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Toll booth willy, u suxor. Hyperlink your urls, we are all too lazy to copy and paste.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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1 2

I was having this discussion with the Creator of Ferion not long ago, you can pay through international accounts on paypal, all Blizzard have to do is support this. You can pay through any bank, which wouldn't be any dif. than paying off a credit card.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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[quote]Origin were making a Privateer Online until the wise folks at EA cancelled everything Origin was making that didn't have "Ultima" in the title[/quote]

There's a group now trying to do this, though I really suspect they're going to hit some legal trouble with what they want to do - especailly since the group is headed by a 15 year old knowitall (DarkMage)...
'Wing Commander Universe', as it's called (no permission to the rights at all from Origin/EA) is supposedly using the VegaStrike engine, one of two similar engines currently in development for this similar genre - the other being the ECE ('Jacinta') engine which I'm working on.

Electronic Arts are idiots though - and Privateer online was a MMPOG flight sim - not an adventure as the current MMPOGs are.

Within the next few years I'd like to look at the viability of writing a space based MMPOG Starcraft/Total-Annihilation style MMPOG. When I have the experience, and time, that is. That, of course, is still quite some way off :)
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