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Wireplay Ladder System
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Wireplay has just officially launched a very cool thing for online gaming - the Wireplay Ladder System.
Unlike other world-known popular leagues and ladder systems, the Wireplay Ladder System removes the complicated process of sourcing servers and ensuring that servers comply with league and ladder rules. The Wireplay Ladder System avoids these problems by using an advanced booking and server creation system, which automatically books a server and starts it at the designated time, with all rules and game configurations as per the ladder specification. The only thing the teams need to do is play their game and enter their score.

Currently in pre-release, the Wireplay Ladders are only supporting Day of Defeat. However, within a month we expect the system will be expanding to include support for Counter-Strike, Tribes2, and several other games and modification types. The Wireplay Ladder System is available for perusal and Day of Defeat team signup now at
Check out the full release post on Wireplay.

This is obviously a very big step for online gaming in Australia and is shaping up to look very cool indeed. It represents a huge chunk of hard work and effort put in from resident code warrior Nathan (who you might remember from other cool things such as ServerQuery) - mad props to Nathan for putting this system together.

Day of Defeat players should head over now and sign up their teams to compete in the ladder now! Other gamers will just have to hang tight for a while, but Counter-Strike and Tribes 2 should be in there shortly, opening up Australia to some seriously organised online clan warfare.
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yippee were do I sign
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koopz got 4 need another six for team
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This is all just a dirty trick to get RQR to play on Wireplay servers.

It worked. RQR is registered at 2nd place. I even created a funky little RQR logo :)
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_blank on those links sTREx!

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Yep I'm in koopz :) Power asked me so...yeah.

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