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#rap-battle, down with the homies
Gold Coast, Queensland
8171 posts
#rap-battle, on ETG.

I haven't seen so much homosexuality in my life. Basically they are all having 'rap-battles' ala 8 Mile.

Some of it is funny, but most of it is just sad.

Here is some of it.

i wuld battle him if his s*** wasnt googled, true to god he can suck my doodle, f***n c**** pre-writing s***, lookin up and biting s***
i dont want any part of that, so to him i turn up my starter cap

sit on him and fart his lap, im tuff im life phar lap
leave a scar on ya tracj
and a track on ya back
get back to ya rack
ya f***en toy
to me this is joy

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Gold Coast, Queensland
8172 posts
Wait, in a little while I will make a txt file of the log
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Brisbane, Queensland
860 posts
ahaha yeah, ive idled there a bit cause some of the raps are so gay that theyre funny


Mad-Hatt3r> check out my rock hard abba dabbas
Mad-Hatt3r> they kick the s*** out of your flabby yabba yabbas
Mad-Hatt3r> your such a fat whore youd cost only a buck
Mad-Hatt3r> screw that, its' not worth the f***
Mad-Hatt3r> I f***ed your sister
Mad-Hatt3r> i f***ed your mum
Mad-Hatt3r> how come your dad doesn't take it up the bum?
Mad-Hatt3r> I'm not homosexual
Mad-Hatt3r> but you are
Mad-Hatt3r> I ask him if he'd take one for the team
Mad-Hatt3r> but he just doesn't want you to give him a good ream
Mad-Hatt3r> ya f**get homo
Mad-Hatt3r> this s*** is gay
Mad-Hatt3r> i'm off and i've got this one
Mad-Hatt3r> so peace out you f**get ass
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Brisbane, Queensland
345 posts
maxe raps :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
1781 posts
I went in there and I saw a lot of cs players, why am i not surprised
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Brisbane, Queensland
1782 posts
okay its time to f*** with them

spin it alphy
*waves hand*
yo, yo, yo
*waves hand*
soz for choke
* jimor was kicked by dev (told you not to be gay)
* jimor has joined #rap-battle
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Brisbane, Queensland
998 posts
The first one gave me a giggle
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Brisbane, Queensland
6149 posts
Hah. I passed off Randy Crawford - Street Life by bastardising the words into this:
I play tha street lyfe.
coz there's no place I can go
Street lyfe it's the only lyfe I know
street lyfe and there's a 'thowzand parts to play
street lyfe, until you play your life away
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Gold Coast, Queensland
8173 posts
logfile of #rap-battle.

F*** these guys are gay. I think I have stumbled upon the very hive of homosexuality.
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Brisbane, Queensland
318 posts
(SuhaibZzzZ) I am, whatever you say I am
(SuhaibZzzZ) If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
(SuhaibZzzZ) In the paper, the news everyday I am
* S-unit|alphy sets mode: +b *!*@c210-49-70-126.rochd2.qld.optusnet.com.au
* SuhaibZzzZ was kicked by S-unit|alphy (adeus)

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Gold Coast, Queensland
426 posts

That s**** f*****g fantastic
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Sydney, New South Wales
53 posts
that channel is an australian channel by the looks of it aswell!.
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Brisbane, Queensland
319 posts
(S-unit|alphy) 3
(S-unit|alphy) 2
(S-unit|alphy) 1
(S-unit|alphy) dj spin it
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Gold Coast, Queensland
8174 posts
hehe, it's pretty fun actually. There is this guy (nK-Blake) who I have argued with and s*** for ages, and we both just don't get along. He challenged me to a rap battle and it was quite funny. He had all his s*** pre-typed out... whereas I made up mine on the fly.

[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] ok man no gangster s*** over here, this is blakes rhyme
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] im only gonna say this: idlers dont vote dont cheer, 8 lines
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] my asian girl is a slut and hope i get aids?
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] say it again one more time to my face
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG]next time i see in person you u wont last
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] u dont know me or my friends or my past
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] seriously man duck ya head this is a warning
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] wake u up im there over ya bed with a sword in the morning
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] f*** pot just try some s*** on me dude
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] u dont know me at all or what im goin thru
[22:18] * nK`BlakeG is out
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] say it fpot
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG] dare ya
[22:18] [nK`BlakeG]c***.
[22:19] [S-unit|alphy] oooohhh dis is some nasty s***
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] r u ready to reply a hiy to the s*** dat he jsut spit?
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] ok ok fpot
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] say 313
[22:20] [fpot] 313
[22:20] * reso has joined #rap-battle
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] in 3
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] 2
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] 1
[22:20] [S-unit|alphy] dj hit it
[22:20] * dev spins it
[22:20] [fpot] what you just said blake, you call it a rhyme
[22:20] [fpot] I'd be more inclined to say it's a crime
[22:21] [fpot] when it comes from your mouth it sounds like s***
[22:21] [fpot] As for your asian girlfriend, I'd give her a hit
[22:21] [fpot] except that she has been touched by you
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] oi man
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] ur f***ed when i see you
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] qgl
[22:21] [fpot] I don
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] wheever
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] f*** h ead
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] im waring u
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] c***
[22:21] [fpot] I don't give a f*** what you've been through
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] ur f***ed
[22:21] [nK`BlakeG] i dont give a f***
[22:22] [fpot] the unfortunate thing is you are living today
[22:22] [fpot] I ain't suprised you got aids, you are obviously gay
[22:22] [fpot] -end-
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Brisbane, Queensland
11920 posts
Hahah, how f***** lame
Im idling now, in hope of some gold :)

Go suhaib!
10:37pm 11/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
929 posts
what a b**** ass rhyme, that s*** aint even in time, you betta realise what your writing, cause im the one with the real words fighting, i strike like a bolt of lightning and you all cant handle my voltage, so step back and recognise my unlimeted knowlege

msn chat
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Brisbane, Queensland
36 posts
I ain't suprised you got aids, you are obviously gay

ahahah pwned
10:39pm 11/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11921 posts
haha, you pwned him fpot :)
10:41pm 11/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4179 posts
/me idles

hehe this should be good
10:44pm 11/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
761 posts
y0y0y0, let me finish this show.
Me, the guy with the war 3 flow.
I challenge all you punks to a game,
1v1, 2v2, 3v3 its all the same.
In the end, you'll still fear the name.
I'll hunt each of you down,
destroy you, and your town,
Sit back with a frown,
I'm polishing my crown.
You think you got the stuff?
Jump on bnet, and we'll see who's tuff.
Bring you little strats,
know that I got stacks,
never turn your backs,
'Cause here is, the Drax.

Ohhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh =]
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Brisbane, Queensland
4180 posts
haha drew with fpot:

(23:17:48) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 3
(23:17:49) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 2
(23:17:49) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 1
(23:17:50) (@MC|dizeh`kane) GO
(23:18:05) (+fpot) you battlin' with me, tis like wrestling the rock,
(23:18:15) (+fpot) I'm bringing the b******, you takin' the c***
(23:18:29) (+fpot) You are a short spotty little man,
(23:18:40) (+fpot) If you searched the whole world, you wouldn't find a fan,
(23:19:05) (+fpot) You rhyme likea moron, your insults are lame,
(23:19:17) (+fpot) No person in their right mind would say you got game,
(23:20:26) (+fpot) You're the worst evis, you aren't even worth a second or two,
(23:21:05) (+fpot) I know you're really dumb, I doubt your mind this got through.
(23:21:07) (+fpot) -end-
(23:21:12) (@MC|dizeh`kane) kk
(23:21:14) (@MC|dizeh`kane) evis
(23:21:16) (@MC|dizeh`kane) lo3
(23:21:16) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 3
(23:21:17) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 2
(23:21:17) (@MC|dizeh`kane) 1
(23:21:17) (@MC|dizeh`kane) GO
(23:21:22) (+evis) fpot, fpot, what are we to assume?
(23:21:23) (@MC|dizeh`kane) kgp
(23:21:34) (+evis) your stench of gay is something, that really looms..
(23:21:45) (+evis) the second your popped out of your mothers womb,
(23:21:56) (+evis) they locked you up in your own padded room.
(23:22:07) (+evis) So I was thinking we could go and scull some goon,
(23:22:18) (+evis) wouldn't be that hard to get you to go f*** a baboon..
(23:22:31) (+evis) I hope you're happy you made me partake in this rap,
(23:22:43) (+evis) now I think it's time for me to go take a nap..
(23:22:54) (+evis) your sister thought a nap was a really good idea..
(23:23:04) (+evis) did you know that her feet can touch her ears?
(23:23:07) (+evis) peace.
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Pluck Me Dead
Brisbane, Queensland
1263 posts
hahahahaha MC Drax to the Max with the Hax !!!

You reckon they try and type in a homie G rap kinda way ??? maybe do the occasional finger pointing after every sentence.
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Pluck Me Dead
Brisbane, Queensland
1267 posts
"suck" doesnt rhyme with "herse". Yes you do suck.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3004 posts
/me wipes away tears.

I gotta give it to the slug man.
even though he is a c***. :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
2363 posts
Hahaha, this is the lamest s*** ever, none of them are good at it. They rhyme s*** like "say" and "gay", really f*****g creative, now go shoot yourself in the head.
Edit: Enigma, edit your post and unborkify the thread by deleting some "HAHAHAHA's"
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Brisbane, Queensland
1229 posts
hahah, it was a classic i won 3 'battles', thanks to reso, copying and pasting 8 mile lyrics and pming me it, hahha. first 'battle' i cursed them, and just said a whole lot of "f***" and i won. everyone in #ausgamers said to vote for me, and i won, haha :P tossers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
214 posts
This thread sucks more c***
than the two b****** that hosted the block
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Brisbane, Queensland
324 posts
[22:21] [fpot] when it comes from your mouth it sounds like s***
[22:21] [fpot] As for your asian girlfriend, I'd give her a hit

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Brisbane, Queensland
6310 posts
I feel sorry for all you people.

Your not black...
08:05pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
215 posts
Most music styles originated from americans... Should we stop those also?
08:19pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
8178 posts
hehe, I have ops there now :D
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Brisbane, Queensland
528 posts
I wanna see some leet talk rap.
08:20pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
31 posts
neither is eminem, man bagging out homies is so old, seriously, people have different tastes and s***, leave it alone.
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Brisbane, Queensland
530 posts
^ Exactly, now where is that leet talk rap.
08:23pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
116 posts
B& :(
08:25pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
32 posts

I am not a rappper, I am a spitter.

10:09pm 12/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6823 posts

and owned some other random chump with "badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom"
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Brisbane, Queensland
764 posts
Ok I had some good battles tonight =]

I didnt use war 3, and it was pretty hard to keep the flow going.

Heres the transcripts of the 3 Battles:




I ended up winning 2-1.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1627 posts
Haha fpot you shut down blake good and proper :)
01:57am 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1382 posts
Heh, here's Maxe's 'battle' - funny stuff. Who would you vote for? ;)


[nK`AlphegA] okok
[nK`AlphegA] in
[nK`AlphegA] 3
[nK`AlphegA] 2
[nK`AlphegA] 1
[nK`AlphegA] dj spin it
* anarchy|daisuke` spins it
[maxe] i dont know what you heard about me
[maxe] but priest03 aint s*** to me
[maxe] i ride crazy low in aspley
[maxe] and i drive a f*****g S 1 3
[maxe] bbadger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger adger badger
[maxe] mussroom
[maxe] mushroom
*** Quits: maxe (Quit: Leaving)


[anarchy|daisuke`] l03
[anarchy|daisuke`] 3
[anarchy|daisuke`] 2
[anarchy|daisuke`] 1
* anarchy|daisuke` spins it
[priest03] word of the day is "choked"
[priest03] and seems like that your about to get smoked
[priest03] skill is what you seem to lack
[priest03] so maxe get ready to pack
[priest03] i drive a f*****g 213 is that your best line?
[priest03] why do you even bother?
[priest03] you wont escape me even if you get blessed by the holy father
[priest03] its ovbious you aint ready for a war
[priest03] so get back to working at your mothers store
[priest03] and have fun wipping the floor
[priest03] yeh end
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Brisbane, Queensland
6050 posts
09:32am 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
765 posts
I like it better when people don't ryhme the same two words =]
Oh yer, and when words actually ryhme.
04:43pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
388 posts
Draxy yours werent much to be desired lol...haha some peoples are pretty funny to read.

But yeah, whats the name of that channel anyway? Im bored.
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Brisbane, Queensland
868 posts
sif leave the best bit of maxes out :(

[22:40] * maxe has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[22:40] * maxe has joined #rap-battle
[22:41] anarchy|daisuke`> what happend maxe ?
[22:41] anarchy|daisuke`> lol
[22:41] maxe> someone did a driveby on me
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Brisbane, Queensland
2367 posts
Hahaha, maxe what a cainer.
05:49pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
766 posts
Haha, i didnt like mine that much either, if I had to choose the best though, Id go with this one:

haha ok.. Once upon an age and a time, was a little boy.. thought he could rhyme.
* matrix_ (~matrix1@MobileInfantry.on.EnterTheGame.Com) has joined #rap-battle
His mother said he was unique... a 'retard' so to speak.
He grew up thinking he was gunne be someone, never knowing he was really dumb...
He then met a battler named Draxy... took one look, and called a taxi.
Nursery rhymes dont all have a happy ending... little stories that bulls*** without offending
I say my s*** straight without the fiction, just so you can feel the friction
* anarchy|McHash`FLiP (ash@ has left #rap-battle
Before you fools call me again, save yourself alot of pain...
Learn some ryhmes, and some respect... cause the radars been set, to newbie Detect.
peace out

I just had the image in my mind =p
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Brisbane, Queensland
389 posts
Whats the name of the irc channel?
06:11pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
767 posts
06:28pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
927 posts
ahhh fpot I'm taking you to court for damages.. my throat hurts from laughing so hard at that first page raps*** :)

god i hope you guys aren't serious though..i mean yeah.. if you like rap then feel free to rap.. but goddamnit.. don't use the word "n****" if you're f*****g white
10:12pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
416 posts
lol what is he spose to use wigga?
10:14pm 13/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
768 posts
You can be a big black e-thug on irc man =p
12:49am 14/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11965 posts
When I was walking thru the Valley today i saw half a real battle

Some aussie dude, fully geared up came out of the shops ... wigga stylez
And started freestyling

said some s*** like

"Caucasian wiggas blah blah trying to act like your f*****g black"
(Oh, so ironic)

Then this dude who was a bit black goes

"Shuttup you f*****g white c***"

I thought they were gonna get it AWNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
But they didnt .. wigga dude kept walking

I dont think he was on this planet at the time, didnt even acknowledge the black fella
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Brisbane, Queensland
769 posts
"And then the baby Looked at me!" -Ralph Wiggum
12:57am 14/10/03 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1312 posts
haha takes me back to that lyrics thread i started.. that had some awesome calls in it

"grunt grunt you f*****g c***"
"paragon you f*****g dong"

intelligent people we are

in the mean time here's one for DG

there's this guy that i know on QGL
xbox fanboy get on 'ere to sell
his live shows at chermside
they're at some other joint to
truth is though, he aint got no clue

he needs to get me a job this f*****g DG
because some s*** like this, would be EZ
he's to busy flogging over xbox games
to come up with any decent flames
This thread sucks more c***
than the two b****** that hosted the block
s*** like dat gonna get dis thread locked

Jamie durie hosted the block d*******
and the chicks were hawt
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