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DOD 1.3
1387 posts
DOD 1.3 is now available for your downloading slaw

Upgrade 1.2 to 1.3 Windows
Full Version 1.3 Windows
Full Version 1.3 Linux

Servers are available at:

Go knock yourselves out
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1450 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
1450 posts
And if you want to see DOD related wally pictures... go here!!!
02:24am 01/07/01 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
1451 posts
Khel I am almost finished downloading get in the server so I can try it out!!!
02:27am 01/07/01 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
1452 posts
Yay, the download F***ED up again.
02:29am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1453 posts
Ok, I'll jump in the server and run around like a lonely person till you join.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1454 posts
Just some of my impressions of DOD 1.3 so far:

- Lots of bugs fixed, very good thing. You can now no longer knife people in between rounds, the spawn problems are fixed, the team doors are fixed (which now means parts of the level, like the axis spawn in omaha, can't be entered by the enemy), and lots of little bits and pieces I found annoying. Also, the throw a grenade then change teams cheat has been fixed.

- Subtle changes to existing maps. A few of the existing maps have some subtle changes made to them. Snowtown for example has a few more balconies to snipe from, and the Allied respawn on Hill (the little wood hut) has doors on it that can only be opened by allies, so should help to solve some of the respawn camping. Also, the bug on Hill that let the axis occasionally capture back flags appears to be fixed.

- New maps. Two whole new maps, which both seem pretty damn good. At first they're both confusing as all hell, but it doesn't take long to pick them up, and then you start to realise how well made they really are. With many little shortcuts and hidey holes, these maps are going to be very worthy successors to the likes of Caen and Oslo.

- New weapon models/textures/sounds. The new models and textures and sounds on the weapons are, to put it simply, totally awesome :) Many of the weapons sound a lot beefier now and you really feel like you're dealing out some serious smack. The new weapon models are quite lovely to look at, and the new effects on grenade explosions are very good too. Grenades now explode and leave behind big clouds of smoke, which you can use as cover to advance under, very handy.

- Scoring system fixed. This was one of my pet peeves of the previous versions of DOD, a less than desirable scoring system. Well, I'm happy to say, nearly all the issues with the scoring system are fixed. Player kills no longer seem to contribute to team scores (at least, not that I have been able to determine so far), team scores are based soley on points gained from completing objectives. You also now get the proper points for holding flags as well as capturing them, so it becomes important to not only capture a flag, but hold it to get maximum points. Bonuses are now also properly awarded for completing goals on levels such as omaha (destroying the guns as allies) and hill (capturing the hill as allies). Hopefully this scoring system will also go a bit furthur towards discouraging blatant spawn campers, and as far as I'm concerned, its a step in the right direction.

Another advantage is players no longer take their score with them when they change teams. Previously if you had scored 60 points for your team, and changed teams, that 60 points would then become part of your new team's score. This no longer happens, which will (for one thing) make running comps a lot less painful :)

All in all I'm very impressed with 1.3, and considering it is only a minor release, they have done a helluva lot with it. Can't wait to see 2.0 :)
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
1135 posts
You, my friend, are a DoD freak!

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Brisbane, Queensland
54 posts
i cant be sure, but i just downloaded dod full on dial up, the agn files site said it was 46 meg (which it was) and the last full dod install was 80 meg, now ive gone to open it and got a bad crc check, it says expected 103710624 (103 meg) size returnerd 46596096 (46 meg) so it looks like the file u guys put up there's size is out by 60 meg or so
08:23am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
55 posts
that would probably explain why the download has stuffed up for you every time f***pot
08:25am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
18 posts
Same problem here as with Doc and F#@kpot, no doubt .Expects to see a different sized file.
Downloaded from the Ausgamers server.I think i'll try and download it from somewhere else
09:00am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19 posts

Just downloaded the Full install from SGL. It should be 101.3mb. Ausgamers and Wireplay both have the 46mb version(whatever that dont work.)
09:16am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
296 posts
and a URL for SGL would be....
10:04am 01/07/01 Permalink
1390 posts
the file should be fixed now
10:26am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
677 posts
so it's fixed definitely??? i'm not gonna waste my time if it's fuXored
11:31am 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24 posts
Do they still use the HL player mdls?

you know the ones where they stick there asses up in the air and wave there heavy rifles around like there twigs?

and is it still as gay as it was last i played it rofl

- ^Meta^
01:40pm 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1671 posts
weeeeeeeeee 600pings for everyone on agn dod1.3
01:52pm 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1455 posts
No, just you res, cos you're gay. I get nice 40ms pings.
02:30pm 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1672 posts
oh, really?

*Edit - I deleted the pic :I*
02:35pm 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1456 posts
Yeah ok, I joined before and it is really laggy, I believe you. You're still gay though.

Not doing very good in that screenshot res! 1 kill eh? Prolly a grenade kill too! No skill!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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WHy do we have to downlaod some stupid sounds when joinging?????????????
08:47pm 01/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
408 posts
i dont mind it, although unfortunately i think DoD will be just like cs - good in its early years but just get worse and worse as it grows old.

the new guns n stuff look nice but are waayyy too big, the german grenade for example, is so big that you can only see about %30 of your screen !@#$@.

and the new sounds that go with them, they are nice but it just doesnt feel like your'e killing someone, just clicking a mouse or something.

personally, id like to see what people think of Annihilation, *hint hint* but unfortunatley i dont think its going to happen
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Brisbane, Queensland
1618 posts
Can you still do the axisrapid fire grenade thing? That was total spammage.
11:12am 02/07/01 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
39 posts
It's still broken. :/

It expects the file to be ~30meg bigger than it is :(((
01:27pm 04/07/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
893 posts
nah, it's definitely not broken

03:47pm 04/07/01 Permalink
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