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AoM:EE (Steam) - Meta Plays DM $150 Rising Star Tournament Info and ...
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"DM's Rising Star Tourney with a total prize pool of $150.00, split between the top 3 finishers. Thanks to GanG and VisioN_us for donating the funds to run this tournament.

Each rising star will be paired with a coach to help them learn the meta/build orders etc. We will make an effort to pair based on gods the players are wanting to learn and time zones. You DO NOT have to have a coach if you do not want one.


1st: $75 | 196 Meta Plays Ladder Point | Standard Gold Medal
2nd: $50 | 143 Meta Plays Ladder Points | Standard Silver Medal
3rd: $25 | 106 Meta Plays Ladder Points | Standard Bronze Medal
4rd: 76 Meta Plays Ladder Points | Standard Copper Medal
5th-6th: 48 Meta Plays Ladder Points
7th-8th: 31 Meta Plays Ladder Points
9th-12th: 19 Meta Plays Ladder Points


All roles in our DM discord that are tier 5,6,7,8, new player, inactive, unranked, and berry picker may sign up.
There is a skill cap for this tourney, and players ranked tier 4 or higher cannot compete.
You must be a member of the DM Discord.


Bo5 Double Elimination.
Map Bans until 5 are left.
Once a god is won with in a series by a player, it cannot be played again by that player.
Played on Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.
Use the 2021 DM Patch mod."

Click the Link to sign up, download the necessary patch for Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, and more!
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