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AOEO: Romans Civilization First Official Gameplay Videos - Project C...
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Hey everyone, in case you missed it, here are the highlights from the Romans reveal stream that the Project Celeste Development team had a few days ago featuring development team members PF2K, AndyPXIII, RecoN, StriKeR, and Kire. The videos have now been uploaded to Project Celeste's official YouTube channel, which you can find below:

PvE Gameplay:



PvP Gameplay:



First up is a completion (without all optionals) of one of the upcoming, yet-to-be-officially-announced legendary quests, completed by PF2K (Blue, PoV), and Kire (Teal)! Quest made by Kire.

Followed by PvP Gameplay by RecoN (Romans - Yellow) vs StriKeR (Babylonian - Blue).

Both casted by PF2K and AndyPXIII

The first official Romans gameplay video for AOEO, developed voluntarily by the Project Celeste Community, dropped on PF2K's stream at the conclusion of the Prez Holiday Invitational $500+ 8 Player tournament (congratulations Eery, and thank you IamPREZSTEVE!).
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