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Finnbar's Finest - Age of Empires Online PvP Tournament League ...
Cairns, Queensland
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Hey folks,

just wanted to let you know I'm going to run a 4 week long tournament series for fairly low-end pvpers in Age of Empires Online with stacks of ingame rewards. People with some RTS experience but no AOEO pvp experience are welcome to come sign up and get prepared for it too! You can read a bit more about it on the Project Celeste forums here (, or check the PvP discord ( for the full write-up and sign-ups page. At this stage the tournament will be casted for the most part here (, and the finals here (

The game can be installed and played entirely for free, with installation guides here ( and here (
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Cairns, Queensland
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Round 1: Saturday 23rd May 10:00UTC – 13:00 UTC

Round 2: Sunday 24th May 10:00UTC – 13:00 UTC

Round 3: Saturday 30th May 10:00UTC – 13:00 UTC

Round 4: Sunday 31st May 10:00UTC – 13:00 UTC

Standings shootout or bye weekend: Saturday 6th June and/or Sunday 7th June 10:00-14:00 UTC or N/A

Finals Day 1: Saturday 13th June 10:00 – 14:00 UTC

Finals Day 2: Sunday 14th June 10:00-14:00 UTC

Round 1 Saturday 23rd May

10:00 UTC Uomonero Vs Taz

~10:45 UTC Alundra Vs AlphaLeopard

~11:30 UTC Happysmurf Vs SaussiceSauvage

~12:15 UTC KazMx Vs Samajestay

Round 2 Sunday 24th May

10:00 UTC Uomonero Vs AlphaLeopard

~10:45 UTC Alundra Vs Taz

~11:30 UTC Happysmurf Vs Samajestay

~12:15 UTC KazMx Vs SaussiceSauvage

Round 3 Saturday 30th May

10:00 UTC Uomonero Vs SaussiceSauvage

~10:45 UTC Alundra Vs Samajestay

~11:30 UTC AlphaLeopard Vs HappySmurf

~12:15 UTC KazMx Vs Taz

Round 4 Sunday 31st May

10:00 UTC Samajestay Vs Uomonero

~10:45 UTC Alundra Vs SaussiceSauvage

~11:30 UTC HappySmurf Vs Taz

~12:45 UTC KazMx Vs AlphaLeopard
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Cairns, Queensland
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Okay guys had a player unable to take part in the tournament, so I've restructured the 3rd and 4th round to make sure the 7 remaining players all get to play 4 games, as well as the finals layout.

Round 3 (Mountain Crossing) Saturday 30th May
10:00 UTC Alundra Vs Samajestay
~10:30 UTC AlphaLeopard Vs HappySmurf
~11:00 UTC HappySmurf Vs KazMx
~11:30 UTC KazMx Vs Taz

Round 4 (Ghost Lake) Sunday 31st May
10:00 UTC Uomonero Vs Samajestay
~10:30 UTC Uomonero Vs Alundra
~11:00 UTC HappySmurf Vs Taz
~11:30 UTC KazMx Vs AlphaLeopard

And here is the ladder so far (spoilers):
(Note, all players will play 4 games by the end of round 4. The 2 players at 1 game after round 2 are the opponents of the player who dropped out)

Round 1 games:
AlphaLeopard vs Alundra:
Uomonero vs Taz:
KazMx vs Samajestay:

Round 2 games:
AlphaLeopard vs Uomonero:
Alundra vs Taz:
Samajestay vs HappySmurf:

Here is a picture of the tournament finals games layout:

Shootout week games (if it happens) are to be played on Inland
Finals Round 1 games are to be played on Treasure Island
Finals Round 2 games are to be played on Tundra
Semifinals maps are Equal Footing, Inland, Ghost Lake
Finals maps are Equal Footing, Mountain Crossing, Wildwoods, Inland, Ghost Lake

Watch all the round robin, and early finals games here ( and see the 3rd place and grand final here (
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Cairns, Queensland
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Finnbar's Finest Age of Empires Online 1v1 Tournament Finals
Day 1 Saturday 13/6/20
Round 1: KazMx Vs AlphaLeopard 10:00 UTC

Round 2: HappySmurf Vs Uomonero ~10:30 UTC
Taz Vs Winner of KazMX Vs AlphaLeopard ~11:00 UTC

Semifinals: Samajestay Vs winner of HappySmurf Vs UomoNero ~11:30 UTC
Alundra Vs winner of Taz Vs X ~12:30 UTC

Day 2 Sunday 14/6/20
3rd Place Final ~10:00 UTC
Grand Final ~11:30 UTC
Finals day 1 casted from
Finals day 2 casted from
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Cairns, Queensland
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Full tournament writeup with week by week standings and results with videos of all games can be found here:

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