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Half Life: Alyx
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Quite surprised there's no review of this!

It's a shame you need prohibitively high specced hardware and an expensive VR headset to play this because it's truly a great game. Walking through the underbelly of City 17 shining your flashlight into every nook and cranny looking for headcrabs and resin is atmospheric as f***. I always had a fascination with urban exploration but never actually did any due to the danger and effort required and HL:A scratches that itch nicely. The gunplay is excellent and the combat has been nicely tuned for the VR experience with no jump scares I can remember and much bigger chunkier headcrabs that are easier to shoot.

As always Valve's humour and comedic timing are on point and your partner in exploration Russell's comments really help ease the tension. I am only up to chapter 3 so far so not much I can say about the substance of the story but (very non-specific spoiler) Spoiler:
apparently the ending is absolutely f*****g incredible

My neck and right arm are completely f***ed at the moment so I can only play it in short painful bursts. Only criticism I can really think of that it is a pretty well tread gameplay formula (not much different to HL2 really) in a glitzy VR package but hey, that's pretty good right?

I'm playing on an Oculus Quest.
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Steve Farrelly
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Quite surprised there's no review of this!
I grabbed it this weekend and am playing an Oculus Rift on an M17 2019 Alienware Gaming Laptop.

Will post an in-depth review soon, but so far it's pretty bloody good.
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