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Best free fps multiplayer
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I found this awesome free mp shooter game on mod data base site, http://www.indiedb.com/games/shooter-tactics-wake-up
I bet no body can find a free fps war game as good as this, and its easy to start a round.
But the only players in Australia was me and 2 tog members.
It is well worth the 1.5 Gig download.
Come on show me some free mp fps games that are better.


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Central Coast, New South Wales
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I think there's a perfectly good reason it only has you and 2 tog members online...

Obviously, those tog guys were excruciatingly bored :P

I left my feelings on the video on youtube:

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Brisbane, Queensland
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This again? Didn't someone come here a few months back trying to push this game?

Anyway, I'll leave this here again https://www.reddit.com/r/s*****steamgames/comments/3ygy4o/shooter_tactics/

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Brisbane, Queensland
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new Unreal Aplha is good for some short term fun


good to play with with the kids and mod friendly.. lets assume here that your kids are 18 now
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Other International
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Wait a sec, you're an Australian? I thought from your horrible english you're from some european country so I excused your retardation. But you come from an english speaking country. Oh my god haha this is great.
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Other International
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Admin please leave this thread alone, maybe even sticky it as an example to other spammers.

Your website is f*****g horrendous. Oh my Oh My. Look at this f*****g ugly ass poster you made:

This video you posted:
Show cases your s***** f*****g game but no players IN YOUR OWN VIDEO. You couldn't even get friends to play your awful game.
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Other International
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Oh s*** checkout his ABOUT me page:

Hello I am Fatfly the founder and indie 3d artist for the shooter tactics series of games.

I started learning 3d art in 2012 from watching and reading tutorials about 3d modelng and character rigging, basic texture methods, and level development with UDK and Unity.

I actually learned more in my first 6 months of watching youtube tutorials than a friend learned at 12 months of schooling.

I feel that Unity is the best editor for learning as it has everything an indie developer needs to seriously learn level development.

But some people like me with poor memory at age 50+ wont ever learn its Csharp and java scripting, so I just hire experienced people to do scripting when its required.

I mainly started building games as a challenge and to fill my free time in, as I also got sick with diabetic issues like loss of eye sight and found I could not play fps games as good as I was, due to poor eyesight and the prolific amount of selfish cheating idiots and abusive bitter loosers .

Ooook. I'm not going to stop bashing your dumbass just because your oldish and got diabetes and half blind. Your self taught? That's cool! But Youtube shouldn't be your only source. Also don't lie you don't have any friends.

Honestly you should probably concentrate on your health, which clearly you're not in control of because your unmanaged diabetes has resulted in the loss of sight in one of your eyes.

Also lol at "Csharp".
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Tribes Ascend is entertaining: http://store.steampowered.com/app/17080/
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Hey greazy, while it's apparent the game is s*** and old mate probably needs to focus on something other than this, it's clear he at least did something other than piss and moan on a forum about how crap someone is.
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Other International
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I'm not pissing and moaning, I'm laughing and rolling. This is I think the second or third thread he has posted on here. Combined with the reddit link, this guy is a d*******, incompetent and abusive against people who have provided reviews for his game.

You just feel sorry for him.
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Diry Bomb is a good f2p fps, always people on the servers too.
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3 posts
Diry Bomb is a good f2p fps, always people on the servers too.

sorry for the link to an image..trying to work out the signature :)
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Ballarat, Victoria
4068 posts
well this is just weird

i mean if you're going to make a game yourself, at least make it out of tech worth wanting to be interested in like a voxel engine or something nobody has seen before. don't just try to change a cheating problem that you percieve because you read an article about CS:GO being all s*** and cheaty with an indie made game that's made by a beginner blind guy. lol seriously hilarious

there's Rainbow6:Siege and the new one and plenty of other games, Overwatch and a tonne of F2P's on Steam

have a look at StoneQuest or the Atomontage engine to understand what I mean
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Brisbane, Queensland
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"Current news: Due to stress and constant harassment from low life people on steam the developer has had a heart attack and wake up beta is now closed as from 01/08/2016." - http://www.indiedb.com/games/shooter-tactics-wake-up

RIP Shooter Tactics

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War Thunder is an MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. In War Thunder, players can pilot a multitude of aircraft from a variety of nations including the U.S, Germany, Soviet Union, Japan and more. Players are able to unlock new aircraft over-time each with different handling characteristics, weapons and accurately detailed c***pits...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I like that facebook CoD game
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Rockhampton, Queensland
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This guy posts on CyberGamer and he sounds really dodgy so I wouldn't be surprised if his game releases are full of bloatware or viruses.
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
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Way to resurrect a resurrected thread you muppets
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