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Looking for Beta Tester's for EternityWarriors 4
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I couldn't find a mobile gaming board so I came here...which I guess is a general board

I am looking for Beta Testers for EternityWarriors 4. The game is currently being hosted on an American made app called which allows users to Beta Test various games, and although that app is very popular in America and Britain, it just got introduced to the Australian Market. EternityWarriors 4 is only to be Beta tested to Australian gamers, and currently there aren't many Australian users on the app. I'm sure it'll be full by the end of the month, but to help with the development of the game I'd like to be able to Beta Test it now. This game is for mobile android devices, and is only open to the first 1000 users. So first come first serve.

Thanks a Bunch!

*Not sure if this counts as advertising or promoting, because I don't think I'm doing either. I'm just giving gamers a chance to Beta Test. It's borderline I guess, let me know if it violates.
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