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What mobile games are you playing right now?
Other International
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Just curious :)
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4559 posts
Hearthstone, coc, game of war, arcane legend.. might grab geometry wars 3 next.
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Other International
179 posts
What mobile games are YOU playing right now? Need to put more effort in your posts dudette.

I just played Ride To Die. It was s*** and the only reason I was playing it was because it was free and I started it so I had to finish. Racing game with elements of RPG to upgrade your car.

Get Amazon app store for some decent games.
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Melbourne, Victoria
5427 posts
I just got Her Story and Transistor for a very long haul flight. Hopefully going to finish off Space Age and Banner Saga while I'm on there too.

Been playing a lot more of Vainglory and less Hearthstone. Also really enjoyed You Must Build a Boat! Almost finished Xenowerk, which was like a faster paced Space Marshals, but with way less story line.

Trying out the Halo game Spartan Strike but not really feeling the controls.

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Other International
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Other International
2710 posts
Fallout Shelter and Alto.
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Brisbane, Queensland
92 posts
Heroes Charge
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160 posts
Dungeon Keeper, Clash of Clans, Defenders, Towers'n'Trolls.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6539 posts
Dungeon Keeper is a mobile game now?
Origonals or new game made for mobile? Might have to check it out.

What mobile games are YOU playing right now? Need to put more effort in your posts dudette.

Probably wind up flagged as spam if you do in your very first post.
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161 posts
yeah, its been out on android for at least a year now...its not exactly like it was on pc, think, clash of clans, in the dungeon keeper setting.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2692 posts
Sonic Dash & Hearthstone

I've got about 15 on my wishlist but I just don't have time to sit on my phone and play them

Hitman Go
Oddworld: Strangers Wrath
Monument Valley
Motorsport Manager
Epic War TD 2
Star Wars KOTOR
Xcom Enemy Within
Z origins
The Walking Dead Assault
Castle of Illusion
Warhammer 40,000
Icewind Dale
Baldurs gate
WH40K Storm of Vegence
Deus Ex The Fall
The Room Two
Ghostbusters Paranormal
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Perth, Western Australia
1491 posts is the site I get my info from.
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AGN Admin
38148 posts
Trying to beat my Freecell best time (39 seconds)
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Sydney, New South Wales
266 posts
Tap Titans. I'm playing the s*** out of Tap Titans. I'm a goofy moron for incremental games, but I abandon them once the formula is too bare for me. So I've stopped playing Adventure Capitalist and I'm now onto Tap Titans! It's basically one of those games where you tap the screen and things die, and then you hire heroes and they tap for you. So it starts out active, but eventually becomes a sort of 'Progress Quest' situation where you just watch your heroes kill things while you make money which you use to upgrade your heroes so they can kill s*** so you can make more money so you can upg... you get the idea.

Otherwise, I play Draw Riders. It's a physics based bike game where you have to finish these little maps as quick as you can. It starts out simple, where you're just beating a time, but eventually transforms into a game where you need to do fairly skilled physics focused tricks to complete the maps at all. Think trials, but in line art.
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2110 posts

I don't use my mobile enough to play games really. I had a look at star wars game on google play and was disappointed with the selection. Except for a Star Wars card collecting game by topps. I kinda like that, I have been fiddling with it since yesterday. Too bad it seems to have issues though, get an error message. Aside from that there are emulators for Gameboy and GBA too. Also Pinball Ride which is my favourite pinball game.

I also would be playing that Fallout Vault game but Bethesda never bothered to make a droid version along side the IOS one for some reason.....
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Brisbane, Queensland
4289 posts
Actually bought my first ever mobile game a couple of weeks ago - Monument Valley.

It's pretty cool, nice visuals and some interesting abstract puzzles - but kinda short for the $7.50ish price tag (game+xpac) I thought.

Finished the whole thing in like 2 hours I'd guess. Worth a look though.

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Brisbane, Queensland
20861 posts
Game of war

What kingdom vash?
03:43am 10/07/15 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
39577 posts
lolz, cmac was telling me how much he regrets game of war jsut the other day.
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Other International
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Brisbane, Queensland
23464 posts

what. It runs on my laptop = mobile gaming.

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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5577 posts
My Fallout Shelter won't load my latest shelter anymore. 200 people in it and it just hangs when trying to load
12:17am 16/07/15 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2824 posts
Robot Unicorn Attack 2
02:08am 16/07/15 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11371 posts
Well I have a game boy advance emulator on my phone and I'm currently playing through

Pokémon fire red
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AGN Admin
38171 posts
Probably wind up flagged as spam if you do in your very first post.
No, greazy is spot on. As it turned out this was (obviously) spam. Which is precisely why we normally delete threads like this instantly.

Fortunately everyone else saved it. Even though noone else seems like they're into Freecell :(
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Perth, Western Australia
2019 posts
Good android games I am playing/played:

The Room 1&2
Cook, Serve, Delicious
Swords and Sworcery
Another World
Hitman GO
Kingdom Rush & KR:Origins
80 Days
Sorcery 1,2&3
Caverns of the Snow Witch
Forest of Doom
The World Ends With You
Jet Set Radio
Ridiculous Fishing
Zombies, Run!
King of Dragon Pass
The Last Express
Valiant Hearts
Monument Valley

I bought a MOGA bluetooth controller a while back which makes playing some of these(Eg JSR) a lot easier, especially when playing on my TV via chromecast.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1899 posts
I'm playing Bonza and wordbase.
11:54am 16/07/15 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
2338 posts
Candy Crush.

I'm rather simple. Haven't spent a cent on it yet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10904 posts
mobile games are boring. reddit app.
06:27pm 16/07/15 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
39598 posts
my blackberry doesnt have any games, so i just use my imagination
06:52pm 16/07/15 Permalink
374 posts
Madden mobile.
World of tanks.
Blast corps and Ocarina on muppen64.
And Hitman sniper. Its pretty much the sniper challenge from Hitman Absolution.
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7949 posts
im playing coc

i gave that hearthstone a go based on this thread.. but what a load of horses*** - i have a lgg4 and it runs like smelly balls taste

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Melbourne, Victoria
5 posts
I play a game called vPopulus on my mobile, also accessible on pc.

mainly a two clicker game helping out the country

Also play World of Tanks Blitz
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Other International
194 posts
my blackberry doesnt have any games, so i just use my imagination

so porn? heh
05:02pm 22/07/15 Permalink
4631 posts
candy crush soda haha yes, I'm now old.
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Other International
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infinite racers!!!!
07:46pm 18/08/15 Permalink
1 posts
Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Google Play Store
IOS Itunes Link
12:49pm 20/08/15 Permalink
1 posts
Well, many .
1. Run game: Turbo Racing Kids Run , android
2. Pop the lock, quite addictive, ios
3. Anyone still play Boom Beach like me? Hard now
4. I am fun of Kongfu Panda, a unique fighting game
5. and more: endless run games , my love
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