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What did you guys think of This War Of Mine? And if you haven't...
New South Wales
47 posts
Today's review I did was of This War Of Mine, I'm sure some people have played it and I'm sure some people may have never heard of it.

Either way you should take the time to look it up because in my opinion it is one of the best games of 2014!

War, resource management, survival, violence, gritty visuals, varied crafting and trading mechanics, characters with morals and dark, violent themes.

So has anybody played it? What did you think of it? Was it good or bad in your opinion!?
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Perth, Western Australia
1214 posts
I don't like the art style so I skipped it.
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Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
136 posts
I'll get it if someone can find me a good deal :)
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Adelaide, South Australia
439 posts
Universal Combat CE:
The game has docs (93 pages), commands (3 pages), tutorial (97 pages) built-in (omg)
with more graphics improvements in the near future.

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New South Wales
48 posts
I don't like the art style so I skipped it.

I thought the brushstroke effects really worked well, stylish but still a grim world :D
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New South Wales
49 posts
I'll get it if someone can find me a good deal :)

You never know one day it might get a sale or be part of a steam sale, can't remember if I got it on sale but whatever I did pay for it, it was worth it :P
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Sydney, New South Wales
217 posts
nah zaraq i like the other game by the same team
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Adelaide, South Australia
441 posts
Thanks Joaby, after all that hard work i am sure you must be hungry.
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4 posts
Im checking out a the videos about "This war of mine". The game looks like it was based on Elevator Action based on NES? Haha. Well I skipped watching because kind of out of my types about games.
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2088 posts
I bought it at a steam sale 6 months ago but I have not played it yet. Its installed but I have not felt like booting it up.
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Other International
2692 posts
I got this on the recent steam sale, keen to check it out! So many games, so little time. :(
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