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My New Gaming PC.
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Followings are the specification of my new gaming PC.
Motherboard MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775
CPU Intel Pentium E5200
Videocard Powercolor AX4870 512MB
RAM Crucial 4GB DDR2/800
Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AAJS
Optical Drive Samsung SH-S223F
Case + Power Supply Rosewill TU-155 II 500 Black
Please tell me it is ok ? Or suggest me if any thing need to change.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Had to change my MB so these are my new specs....

CPU : Intel core i7-3930K
Motherboard : Intel DX79SI
Videocards: 2 X Gainward 580 GTX
Ram : 16 gb g skill 4 x 4 2133mhz
Drive SSD 240 gb intel
Case HAF942 Coolermaster + 850 watt tough power supply
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I cant tell you that it is okay, because that is clearly a 2nd hand computer, or this is a thread from 2008

best thing short of buying new parts (read: new computer) throw an SSD in there, and maybe a new video card, (gtx650?)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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If that is a "new" gaming PC, then boy are you getting ripped off. A 2008 CPU, 4GB of DDR2 memory and a whopping ATI 4870.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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hijacking this thread for a simple question: how much would a decent rig cost these days? (moniter + desktop).
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Brisbane, Queensland
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under $1k,

basiclly you can build something to just about any budget, and gear the parts to suit needs, and still come up with change,
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I reckon this is a fake thread, he followed it up with two spam threads, what an Arsal
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah something is not right here.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Where's the best place to buy a mac these days?
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Central Coast, New South Wales
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Where's the best place to buy a mac these days?

McDonalds. That's the only place you can get a mac worth buying.
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Yeah getting a decent computer shouldn't cost more than 1k especially if you can re-use s*** like case/hdd or whatever.
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Where's the best place to buy a mac these days? McDonalds. That's the only place you can get a mac worth buying.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hey Arsal A*******
You're looking in the wrong place to get an idea on how to quote an online game rig build for Oz consumers.

PS: It's early/late and I might have misread (hic) initial topic
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