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My Origin Account Was Hacked.
2231 posts
Well thats that, I will now, with pleasure, pirate every game that EA publish though origin. My account has been stolen and I can not recover it among thousands of other people on the forums, you will be lucky to get it back in the US if you wait long enough. Because im in germany I can not get customer support from them other than on the forums from their official site. Just finished uninstalling BF3. They claim its not hacked, but its obviously is.
So if you get a email saying your origin email has been changed kiss goodbye to all your stuff, there is nothing you can do to prevent it and nothing to get it back.

F*** you EA. F*** you hard.
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Brisbane, Queensland
784 posts
How it happen? Keylogged?

Condolences to you and your family at this hard time.
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2232 posts
not keylogged, maybe if you read any of the links i posted then you would have an idea.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Doesn't look like Origin was hacked from reading those articles? It seems like people have been exploited somehow. Fishing/trojans/keyloggers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16359 posts
damn russians
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2233 posts

yeah believe it bruh
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1105 posts
Condolences to you and your family at this hard time.



lol'd hard
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
21136 posts
Is there any official werd on this? I only have BF3 connected with Origin but I don't play that anymore and I haven't had any emails come thru regarding passwerd changes or email changes.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16361 posts
give me your origin details rev and i'll check to see if it's secure.
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Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
13932 posts
Changed the thread topic to be more relevant.

There's has been no reasonable evidence to suggest that Origin itself has been hacked. If your Origin account has been compromised it has likely been through one of the many other ways that nasty people do such things (ie: ).

The real issue here appears to be with EA's support process in helping people regain access to compromised accounts. Good luck with getting it back if you intend to try.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10582 posts
I support Rdizz's quest to undermine the sales of a company with no customer support.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5285 posts
I know that EA have online chat somewhere as i ahve used this before to fix origin problem have you tried that?
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
21139 posts
give me your origin details rev and i'll check to see if it's secure

Okies. I've PM'd you the details and also my credit card number just in case you need that to verify as well.
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Sydney, New South Wales
8055 posts
Can you dispute the CC transactions? Then whatever proof EA give Mastercard/VISA as proof it was legit, use that to reclaim your account.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7859 posts
WD DK, I think that concludes this thread
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Brisbane, Queensland
8116 posts
No problems with my Origin account.

Well, no problems outside of the usual f*****g s***tiness of Origin.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1120 posts
Origin is sweet on my end too. Changed my deets just in-case.

I'm thinking if anything was to go wrong I could probably take a photo of my physical BF3 cd key to prove maybe? I had to do it with Steam when my bros account got hacked years ago.
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1071 posts
No problems with my account as far as I can tell. Sucks that you got hacked Rdizz. Was your password strong? above 8 characters?
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Brisbane, Queensland
7021 posts
yeah it's probably time to change iheartdongs as your universal password
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Brisbane, Queensland
1106 posts
You should be able to get EA to verify the account based on any CDkeys for your games if you have any physical products to reference. You should additionally be able to get them to confirm the IP address that initiated the change of email process. If you can validate the IP is outside of your country you should have grounds to get them to roll back the change.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2217 posts
Yeah mine got hacked too luckily I don't really give a F....
I bought BF3 a few weeks ago and only played it once.
I didn't even have it installed and I haven't logged in since I bought it so it was impossible to have been my end for the leak.

To recover the account you have to create a new account in order to lodge a support ticket. I lodged mine over a week ago with a reply asking for more info and haven't heard back since.

I might ask for a refund but I don't like my chances.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3819 posts
My mate was hacked too, twice! both times EA/Origin helped him get the account back.

Here's how it's done:

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Brisbane, Queensland
21015 posts
when people say hacked, do they really mean phished? How does your account get hacked twice, unless you unwittingly tell someone your password, or have a keylogger / trojan in which case his account didn't get hacked twice, his computer got owned once.
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2234 posts
my password was strong, has symbols numbers and was 12 long. Ive been waiting for hours on this screen.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5169 posts
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10182 posts
Company of Heroes 2 is a steamworks game so don't worry about it breh
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Perth, Western Australia
232 posts
So... your email was also compromised? I assume that's why you can't recover your account.

2 factor authentication is your friend.
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2235 posts
no, only origin. i use a different password for every site or program. origin does not give you the option to reset your password to the original or any other email account after the email has been changed from this hack. Total fail system.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3821 posts
maybe you should watch the video whoop
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Brisbane, Queensland
2218 posts
when people say hacked, do they really mean phished? How does your account get hacked twice, unless you unwittingly tell someone your password, or have a keylogger / trojan in which case his account didn't get hacked twice, his computer got owned once.

Mine was impossible to be phished. I took a brand new laptop to a LAN bought battlefield and created an origin account at the LAN. After the LAN the laptop was reimaged and put back into stock.

Did not use the account until I saw the email saying my account had been changed.

Tried to log in and authentication failed.

I finally got a reply saying they had recovered my account and they said I had to add a security question to the account and their first suggest was "favourite EA game" my response was "Red Alert 2" because that was before origin and it's lackluster account security.
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1074 posts
I feel for you guys who have been hacked/phished. It would be very frustrating with some guy in Badistan is using your account.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11781 posts

So basically people are just brute forcing with a password list, looking at that video.
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Brisbane, Queensland
269 posts
my condolescenes :S
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Gold Coast, Queensland
21952 posts
I'd be pretty pissed if my Origin account was stolen. I'd be f*****g livid if I lost my Steam account though. Possibly suicidal. Good old SteamGuard should keep it safe though.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16375 posts
i wouldn't care about origin because i only have 2 games on there, swtor and me3. i don't know what i would do if i lost my steam account.
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5 posts
Mine was hacked as well on Thursday night, i managed to get it back though, took about an hour in total and did it via the online support. Stupid thing is though is that you need to create a new account to get any kind of access to thier support page.
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1077 posts
My account still is OK. If I lost my steam account I would have to find out who they are and fly over to what ever former soviet block country they live in and go Max Payne on them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3527 posts
if you got an email from "EA" saying that your password was reset etc, it might have been a scam

just got up, looked at my emails, and in one account, there was a message from ea saying my password was reset, and one from origin saying the password change was successful

got a tad worried about my two whole games, and logged in, couldn't remember my password, really got worried, and hit cant remember password

my EA account is linked to a completely different email account
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10187 posts
lol i just responded to that email. oh well i dun give a s*** about my origin anyway.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11783 posts

Weird...I just got an email address as well saying my Origin password was changed, blah blah. But the email address which got it was my other account. The other Email address is only used for XBox Live. And the only account I could think would be linked to that might be my Madden NFL game account. Most of my other origin accounts are linked to another address.

.... the problem with EA's useless f*****g profile system. Is I've got linked 20+ linked persona's to my the hell do I figure out which one that reset was for :p

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Gold Coast, Queensland
322 posts
I also received these emails today, but Origin sucks and so do the games, so I still haven't cared enough to even check it out.
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2241 posts
finally got a reply from them in the live chat.. Nowhere did i mention that my account had been hacked before this, I said i have suffered the change of email issue and that i can no longer access my account.
This is what i got back..>

then after relogging into battlelog this is what i see and i had a few words with this little hacking group. All my stats are the same but my username is different and so is my friends list

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Brisbane, Queensland
2230 posts
30 days on I still don't have my account back. Contacted support and have been asked to wait for a reply. I then asked for a refund and they said I still had to wait for a reply. How long does it take to recover an account?
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2274 posts
i waited about 2 weeks but I got through finally on the live chat
11:54pm 09/01/13 Permalink
13165 posts
how the hell do I figure out which one that reset was for :p

look at the mail headers, the address they sent it to is in there
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