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GOTY 2012 Feedback/Suggestions
Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
5620 posts
Okay guys,

So of the mainstreamish features around, it seems like each site's GOTY is an event that needs to happen. We didn't do one for 2011 because it was a logistical impossibility thanks to both Dan and I becoming Dads. But, this year is a year I want to celebrate.

You've seen how we've presented these features in the past, but for those if you who haven't seen them:We want serious suggestions, whether it's from presentation, art, choice, fields, categories or more - let us know how you'd like to see 2012's GOTY handled on the site.

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Brisbane, Queensland
5167 posts
Sleeping Dogs
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2847 posts
We didn't do one for 2011 because it was a logistical impossibility thanks to both Dan and I becoming Dads.
Life, the greatest game of all.

So you are looking for suggestions for format or games we would like to see included?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3575 posts
Does black mesa count? I hadn't had that much fun playing a game for a long time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3378 posts
boarderlands 2
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Brisbane, Queensland
16090 posts
Does black mesa count? I hadn't had that much fun playing a game for a long time.

mod of the year maybe?

atm, the walking dead is my goty.

i like the separate reader's and editor's choices. keep the different genres for the reader's choice, but also have people vote on their overall goty imo.

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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
5621 posts
No, not games, suggestions on how you want the feature presented to you: more artfully, video, a separate sitelet, developer interaction? - anything. We want to bolster the absolute s*** out it and make it the most robust it can be for you guys.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7584 posts
i wanna watch trog play each finalist game for 10 minutes then provide a haiku summary of why the GOTY was the one chosen.

thanks in advance.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7617 posts
i wanna watch trog play each finalist game for 10 minutes then provide a haiku summary of why the GOTY was the one chosen.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
5372 posts
We didn't do one for 2011 because it was a logistical impossibility thanks to both Dan and I becoming Dads

Game of the Biennium!
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
6681 posts
Chivalry is definitely best indie (source: probably the only indie game that I played).

Were Batman 2/Skyrim/Deus Ex 3 all this year? If they weren't, what the hell came out this year?
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Brisbane, Queensland
16091 posts
they all came out last year.
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
6682 posts
That's some frightening factual information that there is.
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2848 posts
Videos are always good. One thing I think could be different than what you have done previously is simplify the selections, just looking at the old ones it isn't clear what was actually given the GOTY title overall by Ausgamers and all of the categories for peoples choice seemed unnecessary.

Just do a poll to find out what people like the most and do a top 5 or 10 with trailers and summaries of the reviews for peoples choice, the only reason to have any other categories would be to have one for mobile devices, the RPG/FPS, etc. stuff is just clutter.

Keep your top 5 for editors choice but make sure you have a distinct Ausgamers GOTY selection and have that be it's own article with a proper explanation of why it was chosen, maybe even with a video of gameplay with a voice over explaining why the game you picked is better than the one we think you should have picked.
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
6683 posts
Oh not games. Why not just have a "list of totally awesome games from 2012 which you should grab at some point" without number rankings? ;)
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Brisbane, Queensland
6970 posts
bolster the absolute s*** out of it @##~!#@!~~~!! what does that mean? O_o

i rekn present the goty as an article, perhaps on a website, with words n pictures n videos n wotnot.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5373 posts
It means making it robust as it can be!
(I too spend a few moments trying to decipher that sentence)
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7564 posts
World of Tanks
Diablo 3
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Perth, Western Australia
1227 posts
Video/podcast of rambling round table discussion where the staff get a good chance to explain their reasoning behind the picks. Everyone knows why the AAA games are good, but I'm keen to hear what about them it was that appealed to you guys on an individual level.

Its also good to hear what you didnt like about some of the other games that people are picking, people have a tendency to only recycle the same good points we've already heard in GOTY content.

Keep it casual imo and let your personality come through.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3522 posts
Have it for all major platforms, Xbox, PS3, PC, Wii, iPad, iPhone, Andriod.

Video highlights from in game, interspersed with comments on each highlighted aspect and why you liked or judged that specific area a winner.

Overlay audio commentary of all the areas judged, art, game play, music, etc etc

Place across all sm, FB, YouTube, Twitter, Pininterest, Tumblr, etc

Do this for top 3 games in each platform 3 weeks prior to announcment and offer one prize pack per platform to one person who picks your winner, and a MegaPack if anyone picks the field.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2191 posts
I was going to post Diablo 3 for s**** and giggles but I think Superform might actually be serious.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20087 posts
How about some awards for the worst games of the year as well as the best, and you could have categories for worst VO, worst graphics, worst overall game, etc. Like those Razzie awards they give out for the worst movies and worst performances each year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5580 posts
i wanna watch trog play each finalist game for 10 minutes then provide a haiku summary of why the GOTY was the one chosen.

thanks in advance.

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Brisbane, Queensland
13090 posts
In the week leading up to the GOTY award, each day give a smaller award for best Voice, Best graphics and so forth.

I don't want to see best FPS and best RTS, you can get that anywhere. However picking games that did an exceptional job at various levels such as graphics, sound, level design and so forth. The game itself doesn't have to be the best.

I would find that far more interesting. GOTY would be the game that does the best job putting it all together. Also have an Indi catagory, ie sub $1 Billionty games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10372 posts
You should make a little video like on the oscars or the globes where they do a funny video set in the reality of the shows/movies that are currently popular. So you'd do it inside the game. You will need the various game developers to set this up for you. Convince them it's win-win.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1102 posts
Of course you have to gave a global GOTY, but I really like Tollaz0r's suggestion. It'd be great to have genres beyond the usual Best FPS, Best Indie etc. And for each, it'd be cool if there were a version for forum junkies to vote on and a version for what the admin think across all of these.

Also it'd be fun to have categories like best value for dollar, or biggest let down, best character, worst character,

Videos for some of these categories leading up to the actual GOTY announcement would be really cool too. It'd be cool to maybe give some forum junkies an opportunity to make and post a video (or write) their opinion on a specific genre.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1649 posts
Angry Birds in space
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Brisbane, Queensland
330 posts
seriously you might want to check out some of Yahtzee's GOTY style shows. it's impossible to pick a goty without pandering to the majority, so pick some games that stand out for some reason and talk about how they impacted the industry. stop being one of those generic AAA company masterbaters that every other f*****g gaming website is already and start talking about games with substance. contribute to the industry and stop regurgitating played out bulls*** because it's basically a trope. look at the f*****g acadamy awards. they've got 'best picture', sure, but they break it right down to the best make up, costumes, score. there is so much more to video games than 'what sold the most'. or just look up 'what sold the most' and pick that.
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