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Sydney, New South Wales
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Foreword: I am not advertising a product, I am recruiting for my team in EVE online, seeking like-minded players.

Eve Online Recruitment

A bit about the game;
- a futuristic sandbox game, in which anything you want to do is more or less possible, be it pirate, merchant, privateer, freighter, industrialist, etc.
- guaranteed to be the most complex and enriched game experience you can have.
- has a passive "training skill queue" (Skills train via real time, so while you can play the game in the mean time, it takes real time to advance your skills). What this means is that even if you're a gamer that plays 24 hours a day, you will still only be able to advance as fast as your skills allow you. However, unlike other games, skill levels do not mean you cannot participate in the most intense combat situations, whether in pvp or pve. A low skill point player has just as much use as a high skill point player in Eve.

A bit about us;

We are an all timezone corporation (equivalent to a guild or clan in other mmos), seeking global representation so that we have a quick response force at any time, when we move into more dangerous parts of space.
Primary an Industrial corp (Mining, Manufacturing, Research), we also want a combat arm, which will be complemented by the Industrial division to cover any pvp losses, to deter any potential threats to us when we start holding space.

What YOU can do;

Join us! Eve has a 21 day free trial if referred by an existing player (i.e. me), or a free 14 day trial if you go standalone.
By joining our corporation, you will not only be able to boost our numbers, but also join an Australian gaming group that plays a wide variety of games, including League of Legends, BF3, Borderlands 2, etc.

What to expect;

Eve is a game where patience is needed. It is a complex game, and has a steep learning curve. However, once you hit over the fortnight/monthly window, of learning the game, depending which trade you go, you'll find that EVE is very enjoyable.

Any questions, feel free to contact me on my skype dreadmejasper, or steam: jasperfun.
Or alternatively, you can contact me via game PMs.


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my sub just ran out...

i'm kinda glad it did.. i was wroking out how i would get my gear out of 0.0 and it just aint gonna happen.. billions worth of ships and equipment lost - unless i get into the corp who holds that space and ninja my s*** out..

too much like hard work.. not much like fun happy times

i did keep up skills till the end though.. pretty much perfect drake/tengu pilot with another account with a perfect nyx toon
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Brisbane, Queensland
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First rule of Eve, anyone offering you anything ever is just going to f*** you in the ass and pod you.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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First rule of Eve, anyone offering you anything ever is just going to f*** you in the ass and pod you.

this. too many f***tards in eve.
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Brisbane, Queensland
114 posts
Yep, I got evicted from my solo WH ventures about 2 weeks ago now, haven't really logged in since getting all my s*** out into high sec (traded pocos for safe passage, AND they actually lived up to their word in letting me cart my s*** out lol). Main account sub runs out tomorrow too, won't be renewing for a while I don't think
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Well, the idea is that we band together to form an Australian Coalition, backed by players from other tzs for global representation. If you're interested in doing so, do tell. We currently need industrialists(miners) the most, as our industrial side will be funding the pvp arm, and on top of that, a specialist branch for WHing, etc.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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First rule of Eve, anyone offering you anything ever is just going to f*** you in the ass and pod you.

this. too many f***tards in eve.
This sort of f*****y is exactly what makes EVE look awesome to me. Some of the hijinks I have read about have been epic.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Fpot, would you be interested?
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