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Various bits of World of Warcraft news
Brisbane, Queensland
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The World of Warcraft Remote stuff (remote guild chat and remote auction house) is now free, which lets you manage your auctions on the AH from the web or on your phone, or talk in guild chat from your phone. Full story over here

For anyone looking to grab another account, or their first account, the game is super cheap for the next few days until August 28th. If you buy it from the Blizzard Store you can get the original game plus Burning Crusade expansion for $5, Wrath of the Lich King expansion for $5, and Cataclysm for $10. Good opportunity to upgrade any other accounts you have to Cataclysm for cheap too.

Patch 5.04 lands this tuesday, and contains all the mechanic and class changes that are part of Mists of Pandaria, including all the new abilities, talents, glyphs, account wide mounts/pets/achievements and a crapload of other stuff. Blizzard have put up a 5.04 'survival guide' which outlines a few of the major changes and gives an idea what to expect on Tuesday.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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cool, thanks Khel

I recently jumped on again and trying to squeeze a bit more game time in amongst work and kids etc. I still enjoy it.
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I like eel pie
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wow blizzard really don't care about the game anymore. they must be full steam ahead into this new MMO they are supposedly making. at least thats how it feels to me.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
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Nice. Can't wait to see what the talent system looks like. Should be fun re-learning everything again.
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I found it kind of lame really
in most cases a lot of talents just became passive skills to all specs of a class and now there's some relatively minor choices to make, and in several cases, between skills that you want none of anyway

most classes have more skills available to them overall due to many of the current talents being made passive, so you kind of feel better off - just some of the talent tiers are like... wow these are s*** except maybe for pvp, which is a royal joke in wow anyway

there are a couple of new abilities for each class though, both from talents and class skills at 87-ish
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I haven't tried any of the changes on beta or PTR, so should be interesting Wednesday night trying to raid with my spriest, sounds like they've completely changed how shadow orbs work.
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yeh our spriest doens't sound happy after testing his toon on beta
this is a guy who's raided spriest since tbc
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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is there any news at all on the new MMO?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Titan? nah, they've been very tight lipped about it. There were rumours ages ago about it being some kind of MMO action game, like a third person shooter type of deal (like Planetstrike I guess) rather than an RPG, which would kinda make sense cos then they wouldn't be directly competing with themselves against WoW.

Something I was just reading about for MoP impressed me from a technology point of view, the Cross-Realm zones. Sounds like reverse instancing essentially, where instead of multiple copies of a zone being spawned when it gets busy, you get the same zone on multiple servers being blended together into the one instance, so what would normally be a pretty quiet zone, becomes more populated. Sounds like a really cool idea
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