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3rd person MOBA game - Smite
Brisbane, Queensland
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Havent seen this mentioned on this site but i just heard about Smite - a MOBA style game similar to DOTA, LoL, HoN but 3rd person. From Hi-Rez studios who brought us the latest Tribes and Global Agenda. Im interested to see how the 3rd person mechanic would affect MOBA gameplay and in particular targeting with melee or range damage.

Thoughts? Comments?

EDIT: I signed up for the beta a few days ago and just got an invite, woot.

Beta registration:


More explanation gameplay. Havent watched much but some decent info first few mins and some action 6.30 - 7.30, also 8.30 - 9.15 and 11.00 - 11.30

And a beginners tutorial:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I kept thinking with how well WoW worked in that third person, for things like AB and CTF, why aren't MOBA games doing this? I mean I know why DotA didn't, because of the engine, but 5 years later we're still stuck to this top down?

I felt that WoW was a little more dynamic with an element of surprise being possible and more immersive with a constricted FoV and propper 3 dimensions.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I felt that WoW was a little more dynamic with an element of surprise being possible and more immersive with a constricted FoV and propper 3 dimensions.

Was thinking the same for this vid. I line of sight in the jungle and trying to chase down a hero would be much more exciting however with no vision behind you it does mean spinning the camera every few seconds which could be a pain (i suppose wards could negate this). From the early 30min video they said last hits was less of a focus as the gold and exp difference was very little which makes me wonder if this is just a PvP clickfest but on a MOBA map.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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As you were saying "why don't they do more games that are 3rd person"... and they (Uber Entertainment) keep improving it.

Recent updates saw:
- Turbo Crossfire game mode put in
- Some new sniper hero called Artermis.
- Also they put in Leonardo which was meant to be like armor healer versus Combat Girl or Support which was health based.

Only game I wouldn't trust Uber Entertainment with is Moon Breakers and that isn't even their game. They just published it. But I'd still trust Uber Entertainment if it was made by them and published by them.

I haven't played League of Legends yet. But I'd lean more towards Smite. But maybe one day I'll try League of Legends.

I love the MOBA games that have heroes on rotation so I know which ones' I'll eventually earn or purchase. Also love the MOBA or MMOG games that do the cosmetic player or weapons skins stuff (hate it how so many people use 'vanity' in reference to in-game items that change look -- You're not pulling a cupboard off the wall and wearing it are you?)

$29.99 - SMITE - Ultimate God Pack -

That sounds about right for the game. Hi-Rez Studios did the same for Tribes Ascend when we (TA Beta Testers) were beta testing it and they scrapped 4 classes back in the day, so we got a f@#$ ton of experience back. So that was pretty cool. Yeah Smite looks all right.

Just Hi Rez kind of rank up there on my list of ongoing companies that won't let me down (considering these days I'm very kinda picky about which games I buy -- i.e I like to see online reviews and stuff not console ports like Prototype 2 -- that studio got shut down. (Tripwire Interactive, Hi-Rez Studios, Valve, Arena Net are starting to make their mark on me.)

Zombie Studios is making its mark on me with Blacklight Retribution cause they're telling the publisher Perfect World International to GTFO. I won't say Blacklight Retribution isn't perfect cause of PWI's stupid ZEN pricing structure. But for the most part of a F2P it works -- You can build your own gun out of parts. I reckon if Zombie Studios used Steam and told PWI to take it and stick it. It would be good.

Maybe Gearbox Software as well with -- Borderlands 2 (now that Randy Pitchford realised that Borderlands after all the Gamespy/Game Comrade fiasco (Why do people still use Gamespy Arcade in 2012) when it first launched, got patched out with the PC) and maybe Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I'll see.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Pretty fun so far but sucks when your team is full of feeders. Slowly learning the God's special abilities but first 3 games - 0-1, then 5-3 and now 22-4.
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