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Raptus Games Presents. DRAW: The Showdown
Melbourne, Victoria
1 posts
Hey Everyone,

We at Raptus Games have been making our first title named DRAW: The Showdown for iOS devices. We are a little independent developer mainly based in Melbourne, Australia with a lone Spaniard over in Chile. Our labour of love project is finally finished and available on the app store NOW!

- Never ending gameplay.
- Highscores.
- Complete character customisation.
- Addictive action.

We´re just getting started, so if you like how it looks, support us searching "Draw Showdown" in the app store, and getting a copy!

Let us know what you think.

(went about it the wrong way will make up for it ... also asking for approval for advertisement waiting on reply)
03:37pm 09/10/11 Permalink
03:37pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
982 posts
Got permission to advertise? Otherwise this will probably be locked.
03:54pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
2 posts
i wasnt advertising just showing a new game that was made here in aus.... isnt advertising when you get paid to do so? maybe i should call them up haha
03:58pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19933 posts
Sure you were.
04:02pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
14871 posts
i wasnt advertising just showing a new game that was made here in aus....
No problem person with no posting history
04:15pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4595 posts
04:17pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19934 posts
Nice work detective Bah 8)
04:19pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
3 posts
04:20pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
19249 posts

Prolly spamming the game on every site he can think of. And ROFL at the copy pasta!

04:22pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19935 posts
Game looks s*** btw.
04:24pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Wynnum, Queensland
2715 posts
04:37pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
983 posts
Bah FTW. F*****g spammer, GTFO.
04:47pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
11099 posts
Looks decent for first attempt I reckon. Art is very nice and the vid is great.
04:51pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1541 posts
Yeah it doesn't look all that s*** but why treat us like fools? just get permission from trog next time.
The guys that released that bully shooter game went about it the right way, and as a result I got my missus and others I know to grab it.
Not gonna even consider this one because of the shenanigans.

/High horse.
05:12pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8194 posts
That game looks so goddamn lame and boring.

Allocate some of the art budget to game design.
05:13pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
4 posts
Cheers to some of the critque guys. Obviously not the best way to get your attention but we learn as we go will improve next time...
05:20pm 09/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3609 posts
Get a better animator... and basically everything :|
05:30pm 09/10/11 Permalink
05:30pm 09/10/11 Permalink
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