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Old PC gear for sale and give away
Brisbane, Queensland
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I'm staying at mum's for a few weeks and she has requested that I get rid of all my old computer gear that I've left behind.
All prices are open to negotiation.


AthlonXP 2500+ system

Antec PLUSView 1000 AMG ATX mid-tower case
Antec TrueBlue 480W psu
AMD AthlonXP 2500+
ABIT NF7 motherboard
2GB Corsair DDR RAM (plus bonus spare 1GB stick)
ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP videocard
Creative SB Live! Value soundcard
Seagate 120GB IDE HDD
Liteon DVD ROM
Liteon CDR/W

Windows XP OEM disc and manual with authentic licence

You will need your own monitor and peripherals, it's just the box. Some of the components (videocard and RAM) were purchased new last year and haven't had much use. This computer has just been sitting around since then.
I've tested it thoroughly while copying over a heap of data from old IDE drives I had lying around. It seems fine.
I can show you it working.

Price: $70


inno3D NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 512MB AGP videocard

This was also purchased new (from U-Mart) last year and has only been used very briefly for testing. It is as new.

Price: $20

Antec P160 aluminium brush metal ATX mid-tower case (no PSU)

This is in reasonable condition and has everything you need.

Price: $20


1x AMD Athlon64 3700+ cpu

1x stock HSF for AMD Athlon64 cpus

2x Asus K8N-E Deluxe motherboards (for Athlon64 cpus)

2x Corsair CMX-512 PC3200 512MB DDR RAM sticks

Mum's place is at Arana Hills on the northside (near Mitchelton) and I'll be here for another week. Express interest in this thread and if you seriously want something send me a private message.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The P160 case is available if you want it. Just send me a PM.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Perth, Western Australia
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Only if you thow in a floppy disk drive.
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