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PS3 is rooted
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
11 posts
My PS3 (Slim 250 GB) recently s*** itself and now I have tons of games and no bloody system to play them on. Is the new PS3 worth getting or not?

Most of my games are old and came out around the 60 GB - 120 GB systems so they won't be worth much so if the new PS3 is not worth it I might have a few extra frisbees.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13482 posts
What is wrong with your PS3? Perhaps it can be fixed?
09:59pm 01/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21642 posts
only you can answer "is it worth it". What the hell is wrong with some people?

Did you play the games frequently? Would you play them if you bought a new ps3? If the answer is yes then go buy one. If you used it for nothing more than a glorified blu-ray player then... just buy a cheap blu-ray player?
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Perth, Western Australia
286 posts
The 500gb version is $299 and the 12gb version is $249. Seems an obvious choice which is the better buy.
10:14pm 01/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4026 posts
Just check out Cash Converters or grab a pre-owned from EB till the next evolution.
03:48pm 02/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6454 posts
What's exactly wrong with it?
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Brisbane, Queensland
9977 posts
prolly better to post 'Recommend me a PS3 repairer' around the traps.

They are out there.
06:51pm 02/04/13 Permalink
Perth, Western Australia
1487 posts
I managed to fix mine and get an extra few months out of it. I was also able to get it working long enough to deactivate the hdd when it finally gave up. Slapped the old hdd into my new PS3 and off I went.

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
12 posts
Cool!, my wife surprised me today.

She came home with a brand new Red PS3 and a copy of Bioshock Infinite. So all is good again. Have to say it is weird at how small Sony was able to build this recent version of the PS3. A definite improvement over the launch model.
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Brisbane, Queensland
799 posts
I had the original release 60GB, yellow light of death after 4yrs of constant use mainly as a media server. Fixed/ re- seated the graphics chip and sold to some phillipino. Traded all my games (30+) to EB and got a Xbox360 and Kinect. Brother in-law has the latest 250Gb model and always freezes on Black Ops 2 Zombies all with latest updates.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10090 posts
Wasnt this the plotline of a Big Bang Theory episode ?
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