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PS3 or 360
5 posts
Both Microsoft and Sony have produced 2 powerfully consoles and have caused a war between Sony and Microsoft to see which of the two consoles is better. In your opinion which is your preferred console.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2330 posts
I live in a world where both console is considered equal.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9281 posts
There was a really good thread about this a while ago but I couldn't find it.

Basically it came down to the XBox having more games and better online features with the PS3 having the Blu-Ray advantage and certain exclusive games.

I've had a 360 for a few years and I'm really happy with it, but I want a PS3 for the Blu-Ray and some of the games.
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Melbourne, Victoria
7018 posts
I still have not found a game that's made me go out and purchase a PS3.

On the other hand, I bought a PS3 this time last year, and I'm just looking at the shelf of games I've bought for it already: 16.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19283 posts
I own both, I don't see a reason why I have to choose one over the other. Why would I deny myself gaming awesomeness by only picking one platform?
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Brisbane, Queensland
15295 posts
I still have not found a game that's made me go out and purchase a PS3.

On the other hand, I bought a PS3 this time last year, and I'm just looking at the shelf of games I've bought for it already: 16.


anyway i have a ps3. 360 doesn't have any exclusives i'm interested in.
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Melbourne, Victoria
7019 posts
Sorry, I meant I've not found a game that's made me go out and buy a 360. blergh.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4734 posts
I gave up on the 360 when my 3rd one red ringed. F*** them. More games I like on the PS3 but that's just because i'm an rpg nut
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Brisbane, Queensland
3128 posts
i have had 360's for a few years. I'm the reverse of Raven (the post he made sense in that is), i haven't found a game/reason to buy a PS3. But I'm not against them for any reason it's just that the 360 was first so i got it, got a s*** load of games for it now and don't really need the other one.

A blu-ray player is not enough for me to change. who uses DVD's any more for movies/TV.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15296 posts
I gave up on the 360 when my 3rd one red ringed.

wow that's a s*** failure rate. my ps3 is still going strong after 4 years.
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4318 posts
Both Microsoft and Sony have produced 2 powerfully consoles and have caused a war between Sony and Microsoft to see which of the two consoles is better. In your opinion which is your preferred console.

Well , they did this 5 or 6 years ago. The PS3 and Xbox360 are both now long in the tooth. New consoles are coming. If you have waited this long, maybe consider waiting for the next gen consoles? I dont know when the PS4 or the Xbox 720 are coming to market. There was a rumour that news would break during the current E3, but no news so far.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15297 posts
well the wiiu is the first of the next gen of consoles, so the next sony and microsoft consoles shouldn't be too far behind. i'm guessing end of 2013.
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5260 posts
pc for life!
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Brisbane, Queensland
2268 posts

But if i had to choose a console, it would be xbox so i could get that sweet keyboard+mouse adapter thing (XIM3??) to play the xbox exclusive games i wish were available on PC.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20037 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
3739 posts
I only really owned an XBOX which red ringed and haven't gotten a replacement since.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9287 posts
Mine is three years old and I haven't had a problem. I don't use it all that much though. Make sure it is well ventilated.
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1912 posts
I've put a PS3 on layby at EB Games.

$387 = 320GB Silver PS3, 2 Controllers, Turntable, DJ Hero, Gran Turismo 5, Virtuar Tennis.

Only reason for PS3 = Media / BattleField 3. [only reaon i'm getting it] + it also seems like an ITEM to have.

All my stuff (pc, tv, monitor, keyboard etc is black) but I decided on a silver ps3 for difference!

XBox360 I had for 3 months and sold for 1/4 I paid. - It felt like a piece of s***. and it felt useless.

PS3 i've never owned, but lived with a mate who had one and we flogged BF3 24/7 pretty much and I loved it, controller is comfortable, there was minimal lag within bf3. we played lost planet 2 alot as well.

I have a 32" Bravia, so i'm betting the PS3 will look noice :)
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226 posts
they're both bricks
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1561 posts
The Xbox 360 is awesome for being a media centre in addition to gaming, with the new interface and latest updates it's great. I can stream live music, tv and movies from various online services.

With their new music service and smart glass, seems a winner.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1357 posts
PS3 if you want decent exclusive games and single player (and free but smaller multiplayer)
X360 if you are an online nut and don't mind paying for XBox Live subscription

X360 has pretty much no exclusive games except for the teenage gamer crap - halo and gears. Which is fine if your into it. PS3 has crazy amounts of exclusive games.

Both are good consoles, I have both and they serve me different purposes.
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6 posts
Ps3 in my opinion has better exclusives, better graphical games and in generally better. I've had mine since Xmas 2009, not 1 problem, controller is comfortable, menu is noob friendly. Blu-ray is awesome, so much can be fitted on 1 disk. Plus psn is just as good as Xbl. Even though the price of ps3 is high, it's worth it!
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Melbourne, Victoria
1996 posts
i can't use playstation controllers and have never been able to. stupid, i know.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19287 posts
Yeah, 360 doesn't have tonnes of exclusives, but I love Gears and Halo games anyway, so that doesn't really bother me. PS3 has a tonne of exclusives, but theres a lot of them I'm not interested in either. Don't really care about Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet, Resistance or Killzone. But it makes up for it with stuff like Uncharted, God of War or Heavy Rain.

If it comes to cross platform stuff though, I nearly always buy it on 360, just because I prefer the 360 controller over the Ps3 controller, and I prefer the XBox's interface and Xbox Live to to the PS3's interface and PSN. XBox Live Arcade seems to have a lot more games I'm interested in and buy too, whereas the only game I've bought off PSN for ages was Journey.

Still, I wouldn't give up either of them, cos they both offer up some awesome gaming experiences. And at the end of the day which you prefer really comes down to personal preference, since you can't really separate them on graphical power or performance or anything like that these days (and anyone who claims to is just fanboying really). Just comes down to the games, and which one you prefer using, and I guess ancilliary features like Blu-ray or XBox Live.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
20824 posts
I would never by a PS3 because f*** me what a terrible controller. While the whole controller feel is completely subjective (I prefer 360) the triggers on the PS3 controller are just so incredibly awful. So spongy and just plain s***e.
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Brisbane, Queensland
33841 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
2309 posts
Friends all played xbox live grid Cod4/WAW Forza.
02:42pm 11/06/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19291 posts
Yeah, the marshmallow triggers on the PS3 controllers are awful
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Brisbane, Queensland
8876 posts
I haven't played my wii, 360 or ps3 in yonks. The 360 and ps3 serve as media centers and that's it...
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1143 posts
Ugh I hate these threads, both consoles are fantastic I owned a PS3 but it got stolen so I bought an Xbox because all my mates had an Xbox fair enough...
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no you hang up
Brisbane, Queensland
2107 posts
for gaming ps3.
i look at same titles on different consoles of the type of games i like to play. just cause 2 on ps3 canes over the xbox version.
most 1st person shooters look better on the ps3. using one of these pieces of s*** for anything else (i.e media centre) is just fail imo. and if i played skyrim et al, id p.c it for sure.
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Sydney, New South Wales
3 posts
I've been gaming for Playstation since waaaaay back the good ol' PS1 days, I'm a pretty loyal Sony Playstation fan. I've been through 3 PS3's due to YLOD, but I would just NEVER own an Xbox. There has only been 1 game game I wish PS3 got that Xbox has and its Splinter Cell Conviction, oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I can't stand the Xbox controllers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9672 posts
PS3 .. at least games aren't region locked even if download content is.
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