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For Parents - PS2 Game Giveaway (SingStar: The Wiggles)
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35970 posts
I know there's some parents out there and some of you might even be bad enough parents that you bought a PlayStation 2 or 3 (haha JOKING).

I have a copy of Singstar: The Wiggles for PS2 lying around occupying valuable space in my desk. I am not sure if it is an expansion so don't know if you need the base game.

I don't /think/ it's compatible with PS3 but not sure.

First person to respond in this thread can have it. Here's the official product page if anyone is interested:

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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
20174 posts

I don't want it,. But it's hilarious hearing all the parents who come into work "joke" about listening to The Wiggles all day. I'm sure they'll love this.
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Cairns, Queensland
12167 posts
Don't have a PS2/3 otherwise this would be mine mine mine mine mine all mine!
12:52pm 27/03/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
4437 posts
I just got a mental image of this being like the episode where homer gets the trampoline for free from krusty and tries to return it.

Hey trog i'm here to return the ga-
*pulls out shotgun* you just keep on walkin
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Brisbane, Queensland
12484 posts
The Wiggles are great fun and their songs are infinitely better then many other groups (I'm looking at you Hi-Five)..

Pitty I don't have a PS2, I did once a long, long time ago..
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Sydney, New South Wales
7698 posts
I bought Singstar: Wiggles on PS3 on launch date. Walked in to JBHIFI and the guy hadn't heard of it. There were no queues. Said to come back at lunch. Came back at lunch, he had my copy reserved for me. He recons he hadn't tried it. Said he plays most games but hadn't done that one yet. I said he couldn't really call himself a gamer.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1240 posts
pretty sure the first gen ps3s had ps2 compatibility but hte newer ones dont
02:49pm 27/03/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
345 posts
Assuming you still have it Trog, singstar wiggles will entertain not only my son, but also my wife. Meaning I can get out for a sly game of golf. Everybody wins!
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Brisbane, Queensland
4989 posts
hi 5 has hot chicks toll
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36002 posts
Storm, I still have it dude - shoot me a PM with your mailing deets and I'll get it in the post!
04:11pm 30/03/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12516 posts
hi 5 has hot chicks toll

Some of the Wiggles dancers are pretty hot
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