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Xbox Steering Wheels
Got Milk
Newcastle, New South Wales
4 posts
Hey all, Just got myself one of these :


Curious to how it compares to other wheels. If you got one, post it here and let us know!

The force feedback on this wheel is absolutely amazing, very strong kickback that i feel is pretty realistic. Definately not an 'on your lap' kind of wheel, you will have to bolt this bad boy down to the kitchen table.

The pedals are great too, no real lag when playing, although my accelerator squeaks a little.

The only frustrating design flaw to this wheel is the gear paddles. Sure, if your playing racing games which involve straight line driving you'll have no issues, but if your anything like me and spend most of your time sideways, your gonna have some trouble shifting through the corners... With the paddles connected to the steering wheel, i constrantly found myself franticly searching for the things while sliding around corners.

All in all i think its choice, and as i payed 50 bucks for mine 2nd hand theres no complaints here.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19173 posts
is that the genuine MS wheel? Must have changed since the last review I read for them, it said the force feedback was fake (it's just rumble) and weak as piss. The bottom was apparently curved so even though it had some clamp or other to bolt to a table, it didn't work.

If they're ok now I might have to check them out, been after a cheap wheel for the xbox.
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Got Milk
Newcastle, New South Wales
5 posts
It is a genuine microsoft one as far as i can tell.

Haha i would hardly call it weak as piss hey, im a strong 20 year old male and i had trouble steering this thing properly with one arm while its pulling out of a corner.. Yanks out of your hand if you dont have it covered.. One thing to take into account is the game being played; I used the wheel with Forza 3 and 4 and it's choice. Maybe the reviewer used a different game, perhaps project gothem racing (the game that came with the wheel back then) isn't as responsive? Dunno..

I think a good way to check if it actually has force feed back is to look at the wheel when you sync it to your Xbox... My wheel moves from left to right on its own accord, even if your holding onto it when you turn it on.. Pretty obvious that its working when the wheel starts yanking :P

Dunno how cheap they are supposed to be, according to Wiki microsoft did a recall in like 2007? Because of over heating issues in certain units, i checked my SKU and it isn't one of the units recalled so im happy.. But yeah, might be somewhat hard to get your hands on.. Check out gumtree and the like, nice and cheap compared to JBHIFI's 'Madcatz' for $149 which doesnt have force feedback at all..

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Brisbane, Queensland
2015 posts
you get what you pay for. They are fine for an entry level wheel. They do have proper force feedback available - whether or not the game you are playing has implemented it properly is another question. The steering sensitivity is ok, though I have heard that it is not uncommon for steering to develop a bit of a deadspot around the middle.

Obviously not as good as a proper Logitech G27 or a Fanatac 911 setup, but fine for most xbox games.
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Got Milk
Newcastle, New South Wales
6 posts
Yeah thats it. I used with Forza 3 and 4 and it was choice. I think it initially came with Project Gothem 2? Maybe the reviewer used that. As for the deadspot, i did notice this a little, takes a bit of getting used to so as not to over correct..

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Brisbane, Queensland
2660 posts
do you have it set up on a table or just on your lap?
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Got Milk
Newcastle, New South Wales
7 posts
Mentioned in the first post that you cant have force feedback on and have it in your lap comfortably.

I have it strapped to my bedside table which sits inbetween my legs. Got the pedals out the side for my right leg.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
584 posts
It is a basic steering wheel (and yes, it's the official MS one, and is also 'true' FFB **)

In it's favour:
- It's cheap (and as you've found, @$50ish in good condition second hand is the way to pick one up)
- It's reasonably 'clever' (** It's FFB when it's plugged into AC Power, and not when it's being run via battery, and the lap/table clamp system is actually fairly good too, for what it is anyway.)
- It is the only FFB wheel for the 360 (until the Fanatec gear, and now there's a single Thurstmaster wheel)

Not in it's favour:
- Its build quality is fairly rubbish
- The FFB motor is ok, but doesn't compare with even the entry level Logitech equivalent for PC.
- The pedals lack a lot of feel, and unless you coat the underside of them with velcro/rubber wander all over the room when you're trying to use them.
- The 'paddles' for shifting gears really lack a tactile feel to them.

I've avoided comparing the wheel to the 'middle market' Logitech G-25/27 as it doesn't really compete at all, and if you own a 360 is completely irrelevant.

As far as 'entry level FFB wheels for the Xbox 360' go, this is literally the only option. I recall something about a dispute between Logi and MS at one stage, and MS weren't going to let any 3rd party companies make wheels for the 360 (which is why there are a few 'rumble only' wheels available for the 360). Fanatec thankfully came along to the party, and sacrificed the right creature, and paid the right ppl in MS-land and have made their wheels for the 360 for a little while now.

With the release of Forza 4 Fanatec have released the 'CSR and CSR-Elite' wheels... to get a Fanatec system with all the 'bells and whistles' (Pedals and a shifter (and yes, the wheels have an RRP all to themselves WITHOUT Pedals, or H-Pattern/sequential Shifter)) you're looking at a starting price above $400.

I genuinely toyed with buying a Fanatec CSR Elite recently... and then the price tag of near $1000 corrected that.
It's a shame that Logitech haven't been allowed to write/publish drivers of some sort for the xbox 360.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1037 posts
I like those F1 wheel copies
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