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Australian& NZ BF3 8 v 8 ladders - register now
Geelong, Victoria
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Hey guys,

Firstly let me mention I am individual gamer. Non commercial rewards, I get no monetary gain, no incentives, nothing! I have done this all for nothing other than the benefit and growth of Aussie xbox Battlefielders who have nothing as far as ladders are concerned anywhere. Everything is COD and I hate it!!

CALLING ALL XBOX BATTLEFIELDERS - Aus/NZ 8 v 8 Conquest game ladder

I have been doing quite a bit of work hyping up BF3 over at Cybergamer (the land of the COD kid) and have set up some Battlefield 3 8 v 8 Conquest ladders for xbox 360 players. We really need some more Aussie Battlefielders to create their own teams or indeed join up with some of the teams already registered.

Would even love to see a community team from AusGamer get together and represent. I reckon you need about 12 of you guys just to make sure you dont miss matches. This is friendly competitive BF with some of the best BF teams in Australia. Only problem? there's bugger all of us compared to COD. We are in our infancy. Need more of you.



Battlefield 3 Release: 27th October
Ruleset Creation : 27th October -10th November
Seasons Start: 10th November
Roster Lock: 24th January
Ladder Lock: 31st January
Seasons Finish: 7th February
Finals Start: 7th February
Finals End: 6th March

Hope to see you there - please tell your mates. Really hoping to get these ladders of the ground for Aussies. We are most certainly up against it. If this is the wrong way to let the AusGamer community know I apologise and ask that a mod/admin get in touch with me so that we can let your xbox Battlefielders know in the appropriate method.

As mentioned I make no money, reward, anything, ever out of this. 100% voluntary use of my time for Aussie BF'ers!


II The Salt
BF3 Admin
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Brisbane, Queensland
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1. Read the Rules, then you would know that you must ask permission to advertise anything, regardless of if it benefits you monetarily or not.

2. We here are quite familiar with Cybergamer, I myself have competed in Cybergamer's Open Ladders for MW2,COD4 and CSS on 360 and PC. And many others have competed as well, so we do check your site and we do normally follow what is going on in the competition side of gaming.

3. Ausgamers/QGL is predominantly a PC based community. Taking our Beloved Battlefield series and advertising a XBOX port competition is regarded as Satanism and you can be hanged for this in our parts.

4. Im not sure how well you know Battlefield, part the sound of a 8v8 conquest ladder will defiantly limit the maps you can play, turning this into a COD-copy which for XBOX would work but defeats the purpose of what BF is.

5. Advertising this may not get you monetary gain or reward at this time. But if this kicks off, into a season comp like your MW2 or COD4 Pay to enter invitationals you will be gaining a monetary award.

6. Cybergamer is predominately COD players, Teams full of one or 2 good players that carry scrubs and then the scrubs think they are uber leet and talk smack, Bringing these degenerates to BF, no thank you.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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What he said.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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Normally this would just get deleted but Timmeh's post was pretty funny

Also just because you are not making money doesn't mean someone isn't - it still counts as 'advertising', it just means you're the one dipping out by working in return for nothing for a commercial venture. I don't have a problem with that; it's still a noble thing to do if you believe in the cause or whatever, but just be aware that most places like us will still consider it advertising so you might want to be a little careful when spamming this around everywhere.
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