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Forza 4 trailer narrated by Jeremy Clarkson
Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Saw this on Facebook, awesome trailer!
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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be interested to see who was the agency behind this
06:33pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Brilliant choice of car too.
06:36pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20117 posts
awesome sauce
07:42pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1089 posts
whats the release date?
08:18pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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yer, ill pay that.
08:25pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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good ad and so true, every time i drive the supra i feel like im a criminal even though its 100% legal.

i still love to drive it though.
08:39pm 05/10/11 Permalink
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Why do they always have these crappy police cars that would never keep up IRL
09:09pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5513 posts
wow ok.......
that was not what I wanted or expected but good non the less. =\
09:17pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19906 posts
Does Forza4 have weather day/night yet?
09:20pm 05/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10507 posts
fifa 12
forza 4

09:26pm 05/10/11 Permalink
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car games are fun and all but they are nothing like what that ad was talking about. so now games are being advertised in the way that any product is, selling aspiration and emotion rather than the product but does this ad really make you want to buy forza 4?

IMO the only people that are sold on products by this type of marketing are literally stupid. its an entertaining ad and very well made, not denying that... but like the celeb cod:bo ad, it has nothing to do with the game and i dont think we should be encouraging it when most of the people (at least I hope) on QGL and other gaming sites still like to be sold by a nice raw gameplay stream. because Im not looking forward to the day that we dont even get that... its already begun with review embargoes that end after the game is out.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
19942 posts
Apparently it doesn't have weather and night racing. Unless it is f*****g amazing in the other areas I won't be buying.
10:45am 10/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33162 posts
Apparently it doesn't have weather and night racing

not overly concerned with these things if it has an awesome driving model (like forza usually does) and damage
02:04pm 10/10/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19946 posts
Forza 3 has these things and Porsche cars.

Definitely waiting on the reviews for this one.
02:12pm 10/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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There is a demo up on Xbox Live

The graphics certainly looks much nicer, especially the interior and lighting
02:29pm 10/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Agreed, GT5 looks pretty but is a useless driving simulator. The physics alone are frustratingly bad.

Hopefully Forza 4 doesn't commit the same error.
03:24pm 10/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33163 posts
yer, thats been gt's problem since gt1

the driving model is s***.
03:28pm 10/10/11 Permalink
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what qmass said.
I think that add is s***e.
I couldn't even sit thru it all.
11:53pm 10/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4269 posts
i am one of the people that this ad is talking about.

such a shame that xbox doesnt support a decent wheel, or forza isnt on a less s*** platform
12:06am 11/10/11 Permalink
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I'm starting to think i need to give iRacing another go. Only for the v8 racing tho I feel.
Need someone to hook me up with the best way to get into it.
it seemed tedious to the max last time i tried...I really don't want to drive s*** cars for 6 months before I can drive something decent. I can even put up with the sub standard gfx if it really is that good driving.
I understand I may not be able to race in the big leagues until I get my s*** together - but do I really have to drive mums mazda before I can use the better cars?
Had a go at GT5 at a mates place recently but the low res, average gfx and the fact that I'm a PC user put me off. The wheel n pedals are staying hooked up to the pc..
One thing I was amazed at in GT5 was how incredibly f*****g lame the music was! WTF!? I wanted to kill someone when i got to the first menu. Yeah you can turn it of but really WTF!?!?
are they really that clueless?
12:07am 11/10/11 Permalink
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I sold my last fast car after I got so f*****g sick of being pulled over by the cops. Just cos of what the car was - not cos I was doing anything wrong.
Sticking to virtual now.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4270 posts
hell yea dethon. it rocks.

yea you have to race the mx5 for a while to prove that youre safe enough to earn the D or C license, then youre right to drive the v8 in the monday night league.
]-[itman from quake races these also :]

the v8 is very tricky to drive but equally rewarding, vid

just costs a lot. about 200 for a years subscription + all the tracks. annoying but worth it.

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Brisbane, Queensland
1954 posts
I was into it for a while, but the lack of official races in anything after the MX5's was a big turn off.

If i knew I could jump on and find an official race in any class I wanted at any time, i'd keep my subscription, but as it is, not that interested at the moment.
12:17am 11/10/11 Permalink
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lol I would do almost anything to see Hitman's face if /when I got good enough to beat him.
Like a nightmare returned to haunt him ;-D

$200 a year isn't so bad if it kicks ass I guess - looks like it does.
Mind if I PM you for some knowledge sometime?

I'm needing to step up from the dirt games - I hold most of the WRs on all the circuits - which really says to me that I need to try something harder. Its more exciting chasing faster drivers.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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The fanatec wheels are supported by the 360 and are apparently good. Pricey though.
12:31am 11/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Dethon tried rfactor? I just won a 20 car race at Bathurst which was highly competitive. The mod is fantastic, V8factor unleashed 2011. Pretty easy to drive 90%, but seriously hard to max the cars - need to use all driving techniques like good throttle modulation, power on oversteer + straightening the wheel, and obv trailbraking + left foot braking etc.
01:28am 11/10/11 Permalink
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no haven't tried rfactor - will look into it. I do all the left foot trailbraking etc etc in dirt3.
( i know its not a sim but to beat the best in the world you gotta be doing that stuff)
Does rfactor suffer from any cheating issues?
Thanks for suggestion!
08:26am 11/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
114 posts
In about a year I've only come across 2 noobs who were cheating, and we permabanned them.

edit - these guys take things pretty light heartedly but have very high driving standards, no ramming/using you as a brake in corners etc. and if someone does accidentally hit you, they wait to redress.

Tuesdays is a new series, DRM revival; saturday is the V8s (series matching the real things + visiting overseas tracks in between), and sundays Touring Car Legends (this weekend at Lakeside).

If you can beat me on Saturdays or Sundays you win a prize.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4271 posts
oooo makes me wanna fire up TCL :]

should come get into iR t, nick christensen aka eao skippy has made the switch.

+hell yea dethon feel free to pm

nothing beats comparing apples with real v8sc drivers.

fujitsu drivers - scott mclaughlin, chaz mostert
and nick percat the young bastard that just won bathurst can be found in there during the week.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4272 posts
aw not allowed to tidy up my post any more

but heres a good ad for rfactor with bathurst. can t confirm he's using the current mod?
09:30am 11/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
115 posts
tempting but simple - i'm a student, iracing costs way too much.

Come join TCL, start at 6:30 this sunday lakeside, i will be seriously impressed if you can be competitive out of the box
05:29pm 11/10/11 Permalink
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awesome thanks guys! I will follow up on both of these. I know I won't be competitive out of the box - it does take me a while to get up to speed usually.
07:17pm 11/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4273 posts
naw sunday 6.30 clashes with the sunday warmup race.

whens a good time to come into a TCL prac server though?
08:20pm 11/10/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
116 posts
probably any week evening after today there'll be folks there,

sat & sunday early afternoon should be popular as well, as everyone gets up to speed

field of usually ~15-20 depending on the night
09:22pm 11/10/11 Permalink
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