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Nintendo 3DS region lock - confirmed!
Melbourne, Victoria
9421 posts
With a lot of hype over the Nintendo 3DS it is very disappointing to hear that the device is now confirmed to be region locked in a similar way to DVD regioning.

Brands like to spin all kinds of reasons for region locking but everyone knows that there is only one true reason - price control. And so, while the rest of the world battles through changes required by globalisation, the electronics consumer industry continues to force region specific pricing.

From the source article at Destructoid:

As you'll see in the above video, a North American copy of Super Monkey Ball 3D will not even register in my Japanese 3DS' menu. An empty slot is shown, just as if nothing was inserted. Popping it out and replacing it with a Japanese game, you'll see the game's icon come up, no problem. I think it's pretty safe to assume that things will work the same for US 3DS systems and Japanese games. Nintendo has this system locked down!

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Gold Coast, Queensland
2587 posts
It is sad but after the R4 situation you can understand why they did it.
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Other International
14357 posts
Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking lame

I'm overseas and the price on games here is nutty (xbox games are $50) f*****g hoped to pick up a 3DS but not sure now, unless I always buy NTSC-J games
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Cairns, Queensland
9239 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
16079 posts
So does this mean my R4 likely wont work in a 3DS if I buy one here?
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Tim Tibbetts
Brisbane, Queensland
2516 posts
I think this has been known for a while - but it is still disappointing to see.
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Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
11346 posts
This was confirmed a while ago (back in Jan I think) by Nintendo themselves.

There are supposedly only 3 distinct regions though Japanese, American and European. Games retailed in Australia will be in the European region, so we can still import games from Europe/UK just fine.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3087 posts
I read somewhere the R4 does work in the 3DS, I don't have an R4 cartridge but i thought one of their functions was making the DS region free (which would apply to the DSi). If that's the case, all they're really doing is punishing the people that actually buy the games.
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Melbourne, Victoria
9422 posts
It is sad but after the R4 situation you can understand why they did it.

I don't get it? How is this a reason?

The R4 cartridge is a flash cart you can load ROMs on, etc. How does regioning have anything to do with that?
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Perth, Western Australia
268 posts
yeah, region locking won't matter once you're running pirate code.

I'd say it's got more to do with stopping people importing games. Bastards!
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Brisbane, Queensland
6434 posts
It is sad but after the R4 situation you can understand why they did it.

That's irrelevant, we're talking about region locking.

So does this mean my R4 likely wont work in a 3DS if I buy one here?

There are some that work, but I would suggest not using it. the 3DS records all carts you put in the system and sends the logs to Nintendo. You'll probably end up being blocked from the store and online network.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
1173 posts
I hear the latest R4 cartridge for DS works fine in the 3DS. Gonna have to get one soon.
01:10pm 25/03/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2589 posts
Hrm now that I re-read what I said that doesn't make sense lol. I still wouldn't run an R4 anyway because of what midda said. I only ever imported I think 2 games out of the 12 or so for DS I own so it doesn't really effect me. I think 1 of the reasons why they did this, at least from what i've read places, that the DSi type features were region specific and wouldn't work in other countries? Something like that. Also isn't the DSi region locked too? I've only tried pokemon silver and white in my XL.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
327 posts
I bought a US version of Pokemon Soulsilver, runs fine in my DSlite but when I try to play the game in the 3DS it comes up with the infamous black screen of death.

I thought the region lock only applies to 3DS games?
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Crizane Tribal
Brisbane, Queensland
3546 posts
The whole region locking system is a farce. I'm thinking of just buying a 3DS and all my games from PlayAsia. Cheap shipping, save $60 on the console, games are like half the price. I don't mind having to wait a week or two for my games if I'm saving that kind of scratch. Is the online stuff region locked?
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