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Can Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii play backed up games?
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(Mods: Is it okay if I ask about playing backups of your own games and modchips on this forum? Last I heard in Australia it was legal? This is all I could find in the rules - 'No warez discussion - no talking about where to get warez or anything to do with warez (including CD keys and no CD patches). ')

Whats the current story with consoles these days. I hate the idea of having the original game ruined and unplayable. I was offered a wii and a ps3 for $200 each, with tonnes of accessories and games today. I wouldn't want to lock in this purchase unless I could backup my original game discs so they dont get scratched and play the backups.

Whats the deal with Wii, PS2 and xbox 360 and playing backed up games? What do you need for each of these consoles to acheive this?

Last I heard for the Wii you could modify a firmware of a DVD drive to play backed up games and for xbox 360 you needed to do that and also have a modchip.
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Cairns, Queensland
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Pretty sure this thread has a 3 minute half-life.

Its doable (on anythign but PS3 I think) but considered juarez-y by most people.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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ps3 can't do it. and i'm not sure if technically accurate but blu-rays dont seem that suspectible to scratching etc if you are genuinely serious, which i doubt.

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Well I would really like this thread to stay open providing it stays within whatever guidelines the mods say it needs to.

I have a 4 year old child and she destroys anything she gets her hands on.

I'm not after 'juarz' but the reason i've never brought a console (like the wii, which my wifey and I would have loads of fun playing together) ... apart from the cost, is because I would buy a game such as mario kart which a quick check on ebgames.com.au shows is about $100au only to have it destroyed by my daughter.

I would really want to make a copy of it. Since it's nothin like PC games (such as steam) if you break the media you break your $100 purchase. :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Wii is easiest to do it with. Hell, it'll play backups from a USB hard drive.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Suuuuureeee 'backups'
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I understand gamer, our 7 year old treats game discs like toys, best thing i ever did was put a usb loader on the wii, allowing him to browse the games and play them with ease, it also allowed me to set up a parental control on the specific games... not only can i stop him from playing adult games but also games of which i dont want him going anywhere near my save file (he has a habbit of saving over save files)

360 is moddable to certain extents depending on the model, most common mod is to flash the firmware... id love to say its purpose is great for backing up games, but the process of backing up games and protecting yourself from getting banned form the live service is quite time consuming.

Another hack for the 360 (which can only be done on certain models) is actually modifying the kernal and putting a custom dashboard on.. it's then fully open todo what ever homebrew mods you need.. including hdd loading games and playing backups.

The ps3 has only just been hacked and it's full potential is still being explored, at the moment there is no way to play back up games.
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Thanks groganus, that helps heaps. Looks like i'll probably purchase the Wii for $200 over the playstation as we'll have a little protection from those little hands.
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Queenstown, New Zealand
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Same goes for dvd's and blueray discs as well, I fear my daughter will chew on them, throw them like frisbee's and what not
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yer, wiis are awesome for softmodding for use with external harddrives;

my wii pretty much would only play wii sports, no other discs woudl work;

for anyone in brissy that wants their wii softmodded, contact me and ill do it for $150 (includes harddrive and memory card)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Wii mod is easy. Took me all of 4minutes to install a chip. I keep the ISO backups for my Wii Games, originals safely tucked away. I prolly have burnt each game 3-4 times in the last 18months.....DVDs don't like punishment.
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Queenstown, New Zealand
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One would think that sony / ms etc would jump at the chance to offer some form of cloud-backup solution as a premium service to parents
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Well as long as I have a chance of losing the original game via scratches etc I wont be purchasing a xbox or playstation. That's stupid how damaged media results in your loss of asset. That hasnt existed in PC games for years.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Regardless of modding, I'd say take em both anyway, $200 for a PS3 is a bargain, could flip that on ebay for $400 even without any games.
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That's a good point, i'll never be able to afford a ps3 at normal price. I'll have to see about trying to get him to sell the PS3 without games for $200. He wants $500 for ps3+games. (He broke it all down into per item cost though - and said he doesnt want to split, but we'll see how strict he sticks to that)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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if youre so worried about the discs getting scratched etc, why dont you just keep them somewhere safe away from your kid?
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You obviously dont have kids dude...
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