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Wii to get Netflix
Gippsland, Victoria
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The NY times is reporting that the Wii is going to be getting Netflix.
Nintendo is bringing Netflixs online streaming video service to its Wii gaming console, the most popular in the industry, the companies plan to announce Wednesday. The service lets subscribers choose from a catalog of generally older movies and television shows and watch them instantly.

Nintendos rivals are generally further along in that effort. The Sony PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray disc player and can use Sonys own online movie store. Microsoft has outfitted the Xbox 360 with its Zune high-definition movie store and allows users to chat online while they watch films together. Both of those consoles already offer the Netflix service.

The Wii has had only minimal video material, but it will take a big step forward in this regard with Netflix, when the Wii adds the service this spring. Wii owners with a broadband Internet connection who have at least a $9-a-month subscription to Netflixs DVD-by-mail service will be able to use the online service at no additional cost.

But Wii owners will need to receive a free software disc in the mail from Netflix and put it into their console when they want to watch a movie, as on the PS3.

The Wii, unlike the PS3 and Xbox, is not powerful enough to display high-definition streaming video. Some analysts and industry observers expect Nintendo to announce a new Wii HD version of its console next year.

I'm not sure if I would bother as the Wii lacks the HD I'd want if I was streaming content, but it's interesting none the less. The need for a cd to be in a drive whilst watching seems like nothing more than DRM. Not sure if we Australians will be getting it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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the wii wont be able to handle hd, so not really interested;

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Brisbane, Queensland
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pretty much what he said
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Not sure if we Australians will be getting it.

The Wii announcement won't change anything with regards to this, its been around for 13 years in the states (~3 years for the streaming component). Netflix was meant to expand to UK/Canada a few years ago but it never happened.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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US media centre has had netflix for ages. sif we'd get it. isp's with dl limits ftl
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Cairns, Queensland
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Hogfather's Guide to Fix Media Piracy

  1. Streaming HD Media available online, on demand. SD available for slower connections.

  2. XBMC-style non-sucky MC application

  3. Peering / Caching of local data - data is not included in internet quota. WORK WITH ISPs as valuable distribution infrastructure instead of SUING THEM.

  4. New Releases @ $3.50 AU per view

  5. Older titles @ $1.00 per view

  6. TV shows 25c per episode

  7. No more regionalisation. TV shows available immediately after airing in their native region

  8. Option to purchase a permanent license to view the media

  9. Various usage options, all the way up to view entire unrestricted catalogue on demand ($100 / month?), or ad-supported viewing

Prices may be out but that's what I would pay anyway I reckon.

The fact that Big Media has been focused on litigation rather than innovation is their own f*****g fault. Yes it would f*** over video shops, but surely their industry is doomed anyway?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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really, who actually goes to video stores anymore?

i cant even remember the last time i went, but it would be 5+ years at least; (nad that would have been to hire games, not moofies)

you are right though hoggy, they need to make illegal downloads not worth the effort (ie, they use up your quota, and the legit media is cheap enough that its worth doing it that way)

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hey hogfather, what skin are you using for XBMC? I think I remember you saying you changed from Aeon recently, but I couldn't find the thread.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Agree with Hogfather.

I'd probably use the Zune Marketplace on the 360 if it weren't $7 for a movie. F*** that.
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Cairns, Queensland
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Stinky - using the new Rapier skin now, I really like the media detail views. Its pretty slick all round.

Had a play with Xperience last night, went back to Rapier as its in beta but looks really good too if you like the x360 style. The 3-block media view in Xperience will be great once they tweak it some more. Shame about the "no never" mouse support though.

they need to make illegal downloads not worth the effort

That's the thing, illegal media is a bit of a pain in the arse!

At 3-4 bucks a pop unmetered why the f*** would you bother looking for a rip and waiting for the whole thing to download, when you could BAM PLAY NOW on your Big Media Player, all nice and legal?

This is 100% doable but they are so focused on litigation and protection of supply mechanisms that their customers are leaving behind.

Paying as much or more for digital downloads while you have to fork out for the data on top will never fly! It isn't a serious attempt to meet consumer demand as it doesn't recognise the customer's contribution to the supply of the product.

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IMO TV unlike music/newspaper industries still have a chance at doing things right on the internet.

Hulu and Netflix are great examples of how they can provide TV content cheap and/or ad supported on the internet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The Xbox Zune service could be excellent, but for some reason Microsoft have made it stupidly expensive.

The streaming is great, doesn't miss a bit even for HD video.

Unfortunately the movies are roughly $8 a pop. WTF? $4's a pop and I'm sold. $8 is too much, especially considering I'm using my own quota for it. iiNet give me free unmetered access to FREE content on Xbox live, but stuff you pay for is not counted..

So until they drop the price to $4 or less AND work with ISP's to make the quota not count or at worst only count at half-cost I won't use the service.
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Queenstown, New Zealand
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Maybe $8 for drm free do what ever the f*** you like with it media then yeah no worries $8 isn't bad if its hd content
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Brisbane, Queensland
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spook, not everyone has the internet or a pc for that matter.
i know heaps of people who still go to the video store.
if they didnt, there woudlnt be video stores..............
i personally havent stepped foot in one for 5 years easy, but thats not really something im neccesarily proud of, im just a lazy thief i guess.
remember, the world isnt all netnerds and flaming.......

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