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PS3 ABC iView
Brisbane, Queensland
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Great move by ABC making iView one of the icons on the PS3 with the latest update. ABC are leaps ahead of commercial media when it comes to the quality of their online presence.
10:03pm 08/12/09 Permalink
10:03pm 08/12/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Too bad it's just a version of the website running inside the PS3 browser. It'd be nice if they actually put in at least a little effort and made an easier-to-navigate dedicated application.
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Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
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Yeah I found it pretty dud that you couldn't navigate it with the PS3 remote control (because the browser cursor is controlled via the left analogue which has no equivalent on the remote).

Other than that, it is a pretty neat addition.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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ABC are leaps ahead of commercial media when it comes to the quality of their online presence.
Agreed, I've been watching a bit of iview whilst under capped iinet, its pretty much the best (or only) thing you can do.
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yea not bad :P
been watchin some gg l8tly
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