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Tap x repeatedly
Brisbane, Queensland
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In console games where it says this, does it really help to tap it super fast or is it just a placebo and after a certain consistent but maybe not omg i'm breaking my controller to beat this guy speed it just all works the same? I wonder this cause it does feel like i'm smashing that x button hard enough something's surely gunna break.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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all i got was a s*** beer
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Brisbane, Queensland
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depends what console really, super old arcade games probably not but its more likely with a new ps3/xbox360 setup
it just depends how much input they can handle and how quickly

random thread
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Or rather how quickly the input is actually used by the game logic. Smashing (X) twice as fast as the character is programmed to hit is kinda redundant.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeh it only came up because I'm playing resident evil 5 and it's got some bits where you smash a button and I was just wondering if I hit it slowly would it not let me pass that particular scene or would I die? I was playing prince of persia and found out that at the end of every level where you had to tap x to do something if you just hit it pretty slowly like once a second even that was enough to pass...got my thinking how I broke so many controllers as a kid mashing them, was it all for nothing?
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Newcastle, New South Wales
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great thread
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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aw, i thought this was a waste of time web game thread
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aw, i thought this was a waste of time web game thread

same, im disappointed too

leave this thread if u still can!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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a thread about games? In qgl?

Are you sure u didn't mean to ask how the recession will affect the production of controllers in china
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Brisbane, Queensland
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So what's this gotta do with the price of tea in china?
Nuttin mudaphaqqer so stop actin like a vagina

That's what my man Icecube said anyway.
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