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I have a PS3 now what?
Brisbane, Queensland
2796 posts
So I played some games they're fun, I've currently beat all the games I have (wtf is with games these days I finished each of them in less than 10hrs game play I'd guess and I was always generally pretty crappy at video games). I was told I should download wipeout hd, but I'm actually living off about $80 a week at the moment so I'm looking for free things I can do?? Have been watching sbs and abc episodes on it but don't really know what else I can use it for...are there free PS3 games? I searched but all I got was stupid warez type sites.
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Brisbane, Queensland
412 posts
Well you could play bowling and pool and some old arcade games on Home for free? It should keep you occupied for a good 5 minutes.
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Brisbane, Queensland
393 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
2799 posts
yeh sweet racing games are a good idea, I just played through killzone 2, fps are fvcking gash on console, got used to it but didn't provide me with an enjoyable gaming experience lets say
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Melbourne, Victoria
13740 posts
Its not free, but you should definitely buy Uncharted 2 at some point
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Brisbane, Queensland
13618 posts
Katamari Forever
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Brisbane, Queensland
7788 posts
God of War 3 demo is out for people that got a code :P Also apparently coming bundled with the district 9 blu-ray. God of War HD collection coming out if you haven't played any of the older titles (me).
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Melbourne, Victoria
2771 posts
There are plenty of free demo games on PSN if you have the internet quota.
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Demons soul ftw
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Brisbane, Queensland
9202 posts
Act superior towards 360 console owners because you have bluray and lack quality games :D

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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1141 posts
If you have a PS3 and are currently not playing Uncharted 2, you're doing it wrong :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
14157 posts
f*** yo life
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Brisbane, Queensland
3848 posts
fifa 10.
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Brisbane, Queensland
375 posts
Sell it and get an Xbox360
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Brisbane, Queensland
749 posts
out of the box free stuff with a ps3...
vidzone.. watch some film clips... though it chews through your internet pretty hardcore...
you can also.. browse the ps3 store.. and maybe download some free themes...
check out some demos...

really theres not a lot... if you bought a console and expected todo a heap of free s*** with it then you are kidding yourself...

buy console.. buy games...
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Brisbane, Queensland
98 posts
I have a PS3 now what?

Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
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Melbourne, Victoria
120 posts
You could sell/trade the games you've beaten and buy Uncharted 2. Judging by all the reviews on the net, it has the most engrossing single-player and its multiplayer is some of the best on the PS3 (plus it's free, unlike Xbox LIVE).

Otherwise, if you don't want to spend anything, there are some great demos in the Playstation Store, such as Uncharted, God of War 3 (if you've received the email) and Batman: Arkham Asylum, Gran Turismo HD concept.

Home is worth a bash around if you're bored. There used to be puzzles to solve and secrets to be found and certainly a few mini games and arcade games to play.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2047 posts
Isnt there a pack coming out soon for the PS3 that turns it into a PVR ?

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Brisbane, Queensland
3381 posts
Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
Wouldnt you be walking in the same direction.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3755 posts
Turn 360 degrees and walk away.

basic life skills fail
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Brisbane, Queensland
7793 posts
internet meme reference fail
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I loled
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Brisbane, Queensland
452 posts
fifa 10 and skate 2 are keeping me busy. i only bought one last week tho.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1271 posts
Find some friends with a PS3 and borrow the games they don't play anymore...
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Brisbane, Queensland
2820 posts
I got resident evil 5, holy s*** this game is awesome can't believe I never played one of the previous ones, but then I was never a console owner. This has the right mix of shoot stuff / platformer I'm well impressed. Think it probably only has about a 10hrs game time though I'm half way through normal in 5hrs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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go to cash converters? you might even hook up with a broke arse bogan at the same time
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Brisbane, Queensland
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