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Metroid trilogy
Brisbane, Queensland
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just a heads up its out now on the wii.

Picked it up yesterday, all 3 games on one disk with updated controls for only $80 its awesome value. the new controls really make playin through the originals amazing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
26637 posts
the originals were awesome without good controls

ill be all over this
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Brisbane, Queensland
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any info on best price? best I've seen is $89 @ jb...
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Melbourne, Victoria
111 posts
ugh i regret buying a wii, all they release is recycled garbage (new super mario bros... it looks good but eh..).

is this the only benefit for owning this console?

granted i'd prolly snap this up once i find a spare $80 around.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13664 posts
Hrmm, I never really liked the Metroid Prime, never finished the first one, never even bothered playing the second one. I got the third one for Wii and only played it for a few hours and its been gathering dust ever since. Don't really know why I don't like them, I mean I'll admit they seem like very good, well crafted games, its just I found them extremely boring to play. I keep meaning to break out the Wii one again and play it some more to see if I can try and make myself enjoy it, to try and see what everyone else sees, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

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New Zealand
8111 posts
Dead Space Wii seems worth a look, if only to see the story
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