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To PSP "go" or not to go..?
Brisbane, Queensland
373 posts

so I've recently hit a little barrier in my desicion to buy my first handheld console, and Im really unsure on what to purchase. So I had a look around and popped into the local EB at cannon hill and asked the sales rep (awesome bloke by the name of Michael) for more information about the PSP, and he was extremely helpful pulling out a preowned PSP 3000 and booted up the one game that I wanted to buy the PSP for, Grant Turismo.

So I played it.. and I was instantly sold! I wanted that PSP, and that game.

But when I got home I had a look around and found out about this PSP go. and I was unsure wether to purchase one or the other because the 3000 (going by Sony's advertising) looks like it's the "older" Playstation portable.

So guys Im at a crossroads.. The PSP go has a smaller screen, costs significantly more, dosent support UMD discs and has a much more clunkier control system than the 3000.

Whereas with the 3000 it has a bigger screen, cheaper price, and comes bundled with my fav game. although it also dosent support bluetooth like the "go".

So the big question im trying to ask is, are sony trying to faze out the 3000??. what would be more worthwhile in the long run? I DONT want to buy something that I'll only have for a couple of months. eg; buying a 3000 then finding out sony no longer supports UMD!

(and no DSi thanks)

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Melbourne, Victoria
13638 posts
Get the old one, PSP Go is a massive, MASSIVE rip off.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8431 posts
yer its the same price as a f*****g ps3
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Brisbane, Queensland
374 posts
could they lower the price of the "go" in the future?
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Melbourne, Victoria
3876 posts
Just get a DS. I have both and the PSP was a horrible waste of money once you get sick of Lumines.
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Brisbane, Queensland
375 posts
once you get sick of Lumines.

Yeah but the Games on the PSP are what I am after..
Gran turismo, Daxter, Killzone, God Of war, Soul calibur, tekken etc;
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get an iphone
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Brisbane, Queensland
376 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
3916 posts
A boring video promoting a boring handheld? What a coincidence.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1908 posts
everyone wants their hands on the new psp because it's worth so much.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'm in a similar situation, just bought a 3000 dissidia bundle + god of war (freakin sweet). I don't think Sony are phasing out UMD (for a while at least), considering they released their gt bundle on the go AND the 3000, doesn't really look like theyre trying to pull people away from the UMD's, so really if youre happy with the 3000 (bigger screen ftw) youre probably safe sticking with it for a while...thats what im gunning for anyway
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Melbourne, Victoria
5195 posts
I got an old school PSP I don't use, PM me a price if you're interested. It has 3 games with it.
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